Harmony Week-external site runs from 21-27 March 2022 and celebrates cultural diversity in Australia.

The event promotes diversity in the community and supports the themes of inclusiveness, respect and belonging.

Boroondara has over 145 different cultures represented so this year we've put together a small program to celebrate it. 

Cooking up Culture in Harmony Week – Recipe Cards 

We are celebrating the diversity and the flavours of Boroondara by sharing recipes and stories from seven different cultures and community members.

Our recipe cards outline the ingredients and steps to follow, to create cuisines from seven different cultures. Along with new flavours, the recipe cards also share stories of migration from residents in our community.

Sri Lankan dhal curry

Harshini Amaratunga shares her story and the traditional Sri Lankan recipe she spent holidays cooking with her grandmother. 

illustration of a green chilli

Download Sri Lankan dhal curry recipe

Mamma's rice cake

Adalberto Alpi shares his family version of ‘Torta di Riso Bolognese’ - a family favourite from Emilia Romagna in Italy.

illustration of a lemon

Download Mamma’s rice cake recipe

Passover Chocolate Almond Sponge

Renowned food writer, researcher and cook, Rita Erlich details her adaptation of the recipe her mother gave her in the 1960s.

illustration of oranges and almonds

Download Passover Chocolate Almond Sponge recipe

Shanghai scallion oil noodle

Shane Cai outlines the simple steps he takes to make Scallion Oil Noodle, a vegetarian dish that transports him back to his teenage years and gathering in the kitchen with his cousins.

illustration of noodles and spring onions

Vietnamese spicy lemongrass chicken

Yen Bui shares the fragrant, easy-to-make dish that her mother used to cook on rainy days.

illustration of a chilli, ginger and spring onion

Download Vietnamese spicy lemongrass chicken recipe

White bean and tomato soup

Dina and Katina Giannakopoulos share the recipe for ‘Fasolatha’ - a staple of every Greek kitchen and sometimes known as the ‘comfort food of Greece’. 

Illustration of a tomato and white beans

Download white bean and tomato soup recipe

Pan fried eggplant

Homaira Mershedi shares the vegetarian recipe she was taught by her father at just 11 years old.

Illustration of an eggplant and tomatoes

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