‘The Intrigue of Images’ is a community exhibition at Town Hall Gallery. The exhibition by local Boroondara artist, Donald Bate, features high-energy, vibrant paintings inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape and its myriad forms.

‘The Intrigue of Images’ transports viewers to abstract outback scenes filled with mystery and curiosity. Bate not only invites audiences into his own dreamy imagination, but he also wanted to share in the community’s creativity and interpretation of his works.

As part of ‘The Intrigue of Images’, Town Hall Gallery hosted an artwork naming competition, where audiences were invited to name an untitled artwork, according to what they saw or felt about the work. The winning title was selected by the artist himself and displayed next to the artwork for the remainder of the exhibition. 

From the dozens of entries submitted for this competition, it was clear how expansive the human imagination can be. Some titles referenced the ocean, others gumtrees, and some looked inward to mindfulness and mental health. In the end the winning title, ‘Cosmic Midnight Birds’, submitted by Caroline B., captured the essence of pure, limitless, imagination.

‘The Intrigue of Images’ is on display at the Town Hall Gallery until Saturday 14 May. See it in person at the gallery or view the exhibition online.

Image: Donald Bate at the official opening of Community Exhibition ‘The Intrigue of Images’ by Donald Bate, Town Hall Gallery, 2022, with ‘Cosmic Midnight Birds’, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 200cm, image courtesy of the artist. [Photography by Imageplay]