On 2 December 2020, the Victorian State Government announced plans to fast track the removal of the level crossing at Union Road, Surrey Hills. This announcement was welcome news, as this dangerous level crossing was the site of a tragic double fatality in 2016.

The level crossing at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert within the City of Whitehorse will also be removed at the same time. The new rail line will be constructed in a trench and a single premium train station combining both the existing Surrey Hills and Mont Albert stations will be built.

The consolidated station will be located approximately 160 metres east of the existing Surrey Hills station. Car parking at Surrey Hills will be maintained and a new space is proposed on VicTrack land interfacing with Union Road. Given Council does not own this land, we will continue to advocate to the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) for a public space that enhances the environment, neighbourhood character and meets community needs.


Date Activity
2 December 2020

Victorian Government announces plans to fast track the removal of the Union Road, Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert level crossings.

Community consultation opens.

Invitations to nominate for the Community Reference Group issued.

8 February 2021 Council endorses a submission to the LXRP and Minister for Planning about the project.
14 February 2021

Community consultation closes for the design and local business surveys.

Community Reference Group nominations close.

28 February 2021 Community consultation closes for the planning approvals survey.
Early 2021 Site investigations, including geotechnical testing commence.
Mid 2021 Early works and utility relocations scheduled to commence.
2022 Major construction starts.
2023 Boom gates gone.

Community consultation to-date

Following the 2 December 2020 announcement, the LXRP launched community consultation about the proposed design for the station and precinct and the planning approvals for the project. The LXRP also sought expressions of interest for its Community Reference Group (CRG).

For further information and access to the consultation documents and plans, please visit the Engage Victoria website.

Key concerns and opportunities

A Council endorsed submission was presented to the Minister for Planning and Environment and the LXRP in February 2021.  
Our key concerns and opportunities in our submission included:

  • Ensuring the LXRP truly engages with residents, businesses, sports clubs, the community and Council to deliver a best for community outcome.
  • Minimising impacts on residents, local businesses, sports clubs and the community during construction.
  • Removing the Canterbury Sports Ground from the Planning Project Boundary.
  • Capping a portion of the trench to provide connectivity across the north and south sides of the rail line.
  • Delivering high quality walking and cycling infrastructure as part of the proposed Box Hill to Hawthorn trail.
  • Ensuring the station and precinct enhances the leafy green environment and sensitively responds to the architecture of Surrey Hills.
  • Linking the new station with the shops and businesses along Union Road.

Council’s ongoing role in this project

We will:

  • Continue to meet regularly with the LXRP to advocate on behalf of our community.
  • Continue to work with the community and share their concerns and ideas with the LXRP.
  • Endeavour to ensure the interests of our community are protected and construction impacts are minimised where possible.

More information

More information about the level crossing removal at Union Road is available on the LXRP website.

For more information contact Clare Davey, Senior Coordinator Transport Advocacy, at [email protected]

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