On 2 December 2020, the Victorian State Government announced plans to fast track the removal of the level crossing at Union Road, Surrey Hills. This announcement was welcome news, as this dangerous level crossing was the site of a tragic double fatality in 2016.

The level crossing at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert within the City of Whitehorse will also be removed at the same time. The new rail line will be constructed in a trench and a single premium train station combining both the existing Surrey Hills and Mont Albert stations will be built.

The consolidated station will be located approximately 160 metres east of the existing Surrey Hills station. Car parking at Surrey Hills will be retained and a new space is also proposed on VicTrack land interfacing with Union Road. Given Council does not own this land, we will continue to advocate to the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) for a public space that enhances the environment, neighbourhood character and meets community needs.


Surrey Hills and Mont Albert - final designs released for community consultation

The LXRP has released the final designs for the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal. The designs show the station, including the northern and southern entrances to the new ‘Union Station’ and views towards new open spaces. 

The LXRP is seeking community feedback on the landscaping layout and features. The artists’ impressions and further information can be found on the Engage Victoria website. The consultation is open until Sunday 19 June 2022.

Early works

The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is undertaking early works to prepare for construction of the level crossing removals at Union Road and Mont Albert Road. We're working with LXRP and their contractors to review plans and to find ways to minimise the impacts of these works.  

Early works that are underway or will start soon include:

  • relocating the Melbourne Water sewer at the intersection of Montrose Street, Wilson Street and Beresford Road
  • works to relocate power lines to the south side of Stirling Crescent
  • sewer works on Sunbury Crescent

All residents who are affected by these works should receive a notification from the LXRP. Please contact the LXRP on 1800 105 105 for all questions or concerns about the project and works.

Road closures

  • Union Road will close in both directions between Croydon Road and Windsor Crescent from Friday 1 July to Monday 15 August. Mont Albert Road will close in both directions between Leopold Crescent and Gordon Street from Friday 8 July to Friday 22 July. Buses will replace trains during some of these works.
  • There will be short term traffic disruptions along Sunbury Crescent and short term closures of Robinson Road, Croydon Road and Kingston Roads in May and June 2022. 
  • Intersection of Montrose, Beresford and Wilson Streets: Closed to vehicles from 21 January 2022 to late 2022.

Both station car parks closed

The northern and southern Surrey Hills Station carparks have now closed and will stay closed until the end of 2023 to provide machinery laydown areas and allow works within the rail trench.

Parking restriction changes

The LXRP may change on-street parking restrictions to allow their trucks to move more safely through local streets.

  • Montrose Street (north side between Union Road and Blackburn Road) -now No Stopping
  • Blackburn Road (east side between Montrose Street and Bedford Ave) - now No Stopping

Design concepts

The LXRP have released their final designs for the new Union Station and station precinct for community review and feedback. You can find more information, view the image artist’s impressions, and find out how to participate in the consultation on the Engage Victoria website.

    Community consultation

    In September 2021, we asked the community what they wanted to see in the open space at Union Road to support our Surrey Hills shopping strip and local community. We heard from a wide representation of the local community. Over 200 people shared their thoughts and ideas through our online survey, workshops and ‘Gather’ tool on our Engage platform. Your feedback helped us develop the draft Urban Design Advice (UDA) to help guide the LXRP’s design of this space. 

    In November and December 2021, we asked the community if they were comfortable with this draft UDA. We heard from 39 people through our online survey. We found the majority of people supported the draft document. 

    Your feedback helped us revise and finalise our UDA. The final UDA was presented to Council on 28 February 2022. Council adopted the UDA.

    We gave the UDA to the LXRP and other stakeholders and advocated for our community’s preferences to be included in the LXRP's designs of the bridge and new open space. The UDA and your efforts encouraged the LXRP to include the 15-metre-wide decking across the rail trench in its designs for Union Road. 

    This widened bridge will connect the north and south sides of the shopping centre and create more useable open space for everyone to enjoy. After our commitment to contribute $2 million towards the cost of the deck, the Victorian Government has also committed to contribute financially. Next steps include negotiations with the Victorian Government about who will be responsible and liable for this new asset.

    For more information about our community consultation, visit our Engage Boroondara page.

    Council’s role in this project 

    We will:

    • Continue to meet regularly with the LXRP to advocate on behalf of our community.
    • Continue to work with the community and share their concerns and ideas with the LXRP.
    • Endeavour to ensure the interests of our community are protected and construction impacts are minimised where possible.


    Date Activity
    2 December 2020

    Victorian Government announces plans to fast track the removal of the Union Road, Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert level crossings.

    Community consultation opens.

    Invitations to nominate for the Community Reference Group issued.

    Early 2021 Site investigations, including geotechnical testing commence.
    21 January 2021 The Premier declares and gazettes the Union Road and Mont Albert Road level crossing removal project under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act (2009).
    8 February 2021 Council endorses a submission to the LXRP and Minister for Planning about the project.
    14 February 2021

    Community consultation closes for the design and local business surveys.

    Community Reference Group nominations close.

    28 February 2021 Community consultation closes for the planning approvals survey.
    30 March 2021 The LXRP advise they will not require the Canterbury Sports Ground for project purposes and will remove it from the project area.
    14 June 2021 LXRP releases updated station and precinct designs.
    14 June to 6 August 2021 LXRP led community consultation on the updated station and precinct designs.
    4 July 2021 Minister for Planning approves the project boundary and formally removes the Canterbury Sports Ground from the project boundary.
    9 August 2021 Council endorses a submission to the LXRP and Minister for Planning about the June 2021 design update.
    8 September to 28 September 2021 Council led community consultation to help inform our draft Urban Design Advice.
    6 October 2021 The last Community Reference Group meeting was held.
    11 October to 7 November 2021 LXRP led consultation on proposed amendment to the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal planning project boundary.
    21 October to 21 November 2021 LXRP led consultation on a new name for the station.
    25 October 2021 Early works and utility relocations scheduled to commence.
    21 November 2021 Construction Liaison Group expressions of interest close.
    30 November to 19 December 2021 Council-led community consultation asking for feedback on our draft Urban Design Advice document.
    21 December 2021 Council commits $2m for 15-metre-wide deck across rail trench.
    2022 Early works underway. Major construction scheduled to start.
    31 January 2022 Surrey Hills train station commuter car parks closed until the end of 2023.
    28 February 2022 Council endorsement and adoption of our final Urban Design Advice document
    16 March 2022 The first Construction Liaison Group meeting was held.
    22 March 2022 The Minister for Transport Infrastructure announced funding for widening the bridge/decking across the rail trench.
    16 May 2022 LXRP released final designs for the new Union Station, station precinct, streetscapes and open spaces for community feedback by 19 June 2022.
    2023 Boom gates scheduled to be removed.

    Key concerns and opportunities 

    A Council endorsed submission was presented to the Minister for Planning and the LXRP in February 2021 and a second Council endorsed submission was presented in August 2021.

    Key concerns and opportunities in our submissions include:

    • Ensuring the LXRP truly engages with residents, businesses, sports clubs, the community and Council to deliver a best for community outcome.
    • Minimising impacts on residents, local businesses, sports clubs and the community during construction.
    • Removing the Canterbury Sports Ground from the Planning Project Boundary.
    • Capping the trench to provide connectivity across the north and south sides of the rail line at Union Road.
    • Delivering high quality walking and cycling infrastructure as part of the proposed Box Hill to Hawthorn trail.
    • Ensuring the station and precinct enhances the leafy green environment and sensitively responds to the architecture of Surrey Hills.
    • Linking the new station with the shops and businesses along Union Road.

    More information

    More information about the level crossing removal at Union Road is available on the LXRP website.

    For more information, you can contact Clare Davey, Senior Coordinator Major Project Interface, at [email protected]

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