In November 2021, the North East Link Project (NELP) will acquire two to three hectares of land from the existing Freeway Golf Course (FGC) to construct their new North East Link entry and exit ramps at Bulleen Road.

The upcoming land acquisition has resulted in the golf course needing to be redesigned and configured within a smaller footprint of land.


On 26 April 2021, Council endorsed a golf course design and construction method for the required reconfiguration works.   

The design was developed by leading golf course architects Pacific Coast Design in partnership with Council officers and incorporated feedback from our golfing community. 

The construction staging method will see the course close from early September 2021 for between 12 and 14 months.  The closure ensures the works can be completed in the shortest possible timeframe and allows us to open the course sooner rather than later.

Download the report presented to Council.


Consultation on the masterplan opened on Wednesday 24 February and closed on  Wednesday 10 March 2021. We received feedback from 46 people, including club members and casual golfers.

Golf Australia was also consulted and supported the masterplan and the closure of the course to complete the works within 12 to 14 months.

Some suggestions from the community were incorporated into the masterplan, and the overall feedback informed Council’s decision-making on the design and staging of the works.

Harp Golf Club and Camberwell Golf Club (Mens and Ladies) raised concerns about the closure of the course and access to the clubrooms at the FGC for social events.  Council will assist the clubs to find tee times at other courses nearby and also ensure that they have access to their club rooms while the course is closed.


The land acquired by the North East Link Project (NELP) in November is set to impact the 1st green, 2nd hole, 3rd hole and 5th green of Freeway Golf Course, resulting in the need to redesign and configure the course within a smaller footprint.  

To do this, we engaged an expert golf course design consultant, Pacific Coast Design, to develop a high quality, playable and viable 18-hole draft course design.  

The following key requirements were carefully taken into consideration when creating the design for the new course:

  • Maintaining an enjoyable 18 hole golf course experience. 
  • Providing sufficient challenge and interest for players. 
  • Ensuring safety issues are addressed.
  • Designing the course so that both 9 holes return to the club house and carpark.
  • Ensuring that there are several touch points to the club house and public amenities.
  • Maximising course distance despite the loss of land.
  • Minimising impacts to native flora and fauna and enhancing biodiversity by planting additional trees and understorey vegetation.
  • Minimising environmental impacts from working in a sensitive flood prone environment.

Download the draft design.


When Stage Progress update
24 February - 10 March 2021 Community consultation Consultation closed
April 2021 Council reviews the course design (masterplan), the staging options and community feedback Proposed design endorsed by Council and course closure approved to complete works in a single stage
September 2021 Construction works commence Major construction works commence based on the Council endorsed design and staging option
November 2021 NELP acquire identified section of FGC land  
November 2022 Construction is completed and course opens.  

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