Amendment C305boro implements the recommendations of the Methodist Ladies’ College Heritage Citation.

Current Status (April 2021)

About Amendment C305boro

The amendment applies the Heritage Overlay to a number of buildings and elements within Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) at 207 Barkers Road, Kew on a permanent basis, including:

  • HO795 - Methodist Ladies’ College, 207 Barkers Road, Kew
  • HO915 - Red House, part 207 Barkers Road, Kew (formerly 231 Barkers Road)
  • HO916 - Wentworth, part 207 Barkers Road, Kew (formerly 876 Glenferrie Road). 

The extent of the overlays can be on Page 2 of the Methodist Ladies’ College Heritage Citation (Context Pty Ltd revised June 2020), with the link below.  

The Amendment also deletes the existing Heritage Overlays within the MLC campus, including HO204, HO271 and HO150.

Amendment approved

The amendment came into operation on 21 January 2021 when a Notice of the Approval was published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

You can access a copy of the approved amendment documentation and associated planning controls here. 

All relevant amendment documentation is available to download at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

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Heritage Citation - Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) - revised June 2020 [PDF, 4.68MB]

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