About Amendment C303

Amendment C303:

  • Extends the curtilage of the Heritage Overlay (HO171) pertaining to 19-21 Canterbury Road, Camberwell and activates the tree control in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay.
  • Deletes the Heritage Overlay (HO225) from 21 Lesley Street, Camberwell. 
  • Activates the internal alteration control for the reredos at 2-2A Margaret Street, Canterbury (HO145) in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay.
  • Replaces 'Burwood' with 'Camberwell' in the description of the heritage place for HO225 (Fairview Avenue Precinct).

Amendment approved

The amendment came into operation on 17 October 2019 when a Notice of the Approval was published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

You can access a digital copy of the approved amendment documentation and associated planning controls.

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