About Amendment C368boro

Council is proposing changes to planning controls affecting land at 32 Corby Street, Balwyn North to place a Heritage Overlay over the property on a permanent basis.

Amendment C357boro has applied the Heritage Overlay to the property on an interim basis, until 12 January 2023.

Current status (July 2022)

At 6:30pm Monday 1 August 2022, the Urban Planning Delegated Committee (UPDC) will consider a report on the outcomes of the exhibition process for Amendment C368boro.

The officer report will provide a summary of each submission received and respond to any issues raised or changes requested. You can access a copy of the UPDC report after 5pm on Friday 22 July 2022 at Urban Planning Delegated Committee.

Submitters as well as any affected and adjoining property owners and occupiers will have the opportunity to address the UPDC in support of their submission and any Council officer recommendations.

To address the UPDC, you must register by contacting Mikaela Carter (Senior Strategic Planner) using the details below by midday on Friday 29 July 2022.

You can watch livestreamed meetings as they take place in real time, or catch up on recordings at your convenience at Urban Planning Delegated Committee.

At the meeting, the UPDC will decide whether to:

  • Make changes to the amendment in response to submissions.
  • Seek appointment of an independent Panel and refer any submissions to the Panel for consideration.
  • Abandon the amendment.

More information

For more information, you can contact Mikaela Carter, Senior Strategic Planner:

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