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About Amendment C362boro

Council is proposing changes to planning controls affecting land at 3/2 Hodgson Street and 25 Swinton Avenue, Kew.

Amendment C362boro proposes to update the existing Heritage Overlay 72 (HO72) covering the River House at 3/2 Hodgson Street, Kew consistent with the updated heritage citation prepared for the property by Extent Heritage.

The amendment also seeks to delete Cliff House at 3/2 Hodgson Street, Kew from HO72, and include Cliff House and Summer House at 25 Swinton Avenue, Kew in a new Heritage Overlay, on a permanent basis.

Current Status (October 2021)

Exhibition of Amendment C362boro finished on 20 September 2021.

Council officers are now preparing a report for Amendment C362boro, which will be considered at a future Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Council will decide whether to adopt Amendment C362boro with or without any changes, or abandon Amendment C362boro. 

The affected property owners and occupiers will receive a written invitation to the Council meeting. 

The report is likely to be considered by Council in late 2021. 

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