About Amendment C333boro

Amendment C333boro proposes to implement the recommendations of the Glen Iris Heritage Gap Study to include 15 individual heritage places and four heritage precincts in the Heritage Overlay on a permanent basis. 

The amendment affects land at the following properties and precincts.

Individual Properties

Heritage Precincts

Current status (May 2021)

Public exhibition of Amendment C333boro has now closed.

Council officers are reviewing all submissions received and preparing a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Delegated Committee (UPDC).  

The UPDC will decide whether to:

  • Make changes to the amendment in response to submissions.
  • Seek appointment of an independent Panel and refer any submissions to the Panel for consideration.
  • Recommend adoption of the amendment by Council, if there are no submissions or all submissions have been resolved.
  • Abandon the amendment. 

The report is likely to be considered by the UPSC in July 2021.  

Contact us

For more information contact Alannah O’Brien, Strategic Planner

Privacy Statement

Council will collect the information in your submission to transparently carry out Planning Scheme Amendment C333boro in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Act). The personal information will be used by Council for that primary purpose or directly related purposes such as contacting you about the project. Council must make a copy of all submissions available for any person to inspect free of charge until two months after completion of the amendment process in accordance with Section 21 of the Act. Submissions will be disclosed in full to Council's consultants (if applicable) who will make recommendations to Council regarding the submissions. Council and the State Government may also publish submissions on their websites, provide copies of submissions, and make publicly available lists of submissions during this period. Submissions may be disclosed in a report to Council which will by virtue of the Local Government Act 1989 be available to the public for an extended period. 

The submitter understands that the personal information provided is for the purpose of transparently carrying out Planning Scheme Amendment C333boro and that he or she may apply to Council for access to and/or amendment of the information. Requests for access and/or correction should be made to Council’s Privacy Officer (9278 4444).

You may choose to respond anonymously, however Council will then be unable to contact you regarding the project.


Glen Iris Heritage Gap Study - revised 15-10-2020    (PDF, 26.4MB)

Amendment C333boro - Explanatory Report   (PDF, 166KB)

Amendment C333boro - Instruction Sheet   (PDF, 136KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 & 18 (HO900, HO901, HO903, HO904)   (PDF, 285KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 (HO895, HO896)   (PDF, 266KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 17(HO894, HO902)   (PDF, 287KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 (HO909)   (PDF, 255KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 (HO891, HO893)   (PDF, 239KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 & 17 (HO898, HO905, HO906, HO907)   (PDF, 173KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 15 (HO908)   (PDF, 293KB)

Amendment C333boro - Exhibition Map HO 16 (HO897)   (PDF, 233KB)

Amendment C333boro - Clause 22.03-7 Reference Documents   (PDF, 798KB)

Amendment C333boro - Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay   (PDF, 11.4MB)

Amendment C333boro - Clause 72.04 Incorporated Documents   (PDF, 1.38MB)

Statement of Significance - 14 Alfred Road, Glen Iris Carinya (formerly Warrack Lodge)   (PDF, 338KB)

Statement of Significance - 29 Alfred Road, Glen Iris Quamby (formerly Woongarra)   (PDF, 320KB)

Statement of Significance - 2 Allison Avenue, Glen Iris, Romney Lodge (formerly Delloraine)   (PDF, 434KB)

Statement of Significance - 55 Bath Road, Glen Iris   (PDF, 369KB)

Statement of Significance - 22 Bourne Road, Glen Iris, Burnlea   (PDF, 479KB)

Statement of Significance - 44 Denman Avenue, Glen Iris   (PDF, 422KB)

Statement of Significance - 118 Glen Iris Road, Glen Iris Hirsch House and Office (former)  (PDF, 337KB)

Statement of Significance - 170 Glen Iris Road, Glen Iris, Glen Iris Primary School No. 1148   (PDF, 379KB)

Statement of Significance - 100-108 High Street, Glen Iris, St. Oswald's Anglican Church Complex   (PDF, 595KB)

Statement of Significance - 4 Peate Avenue, Glen Iris, Camberwell South Primary School No. 4170   (PDF, 259KB)

Statement of Significance - 39 Peate Avenue, Glen Iris   (PDF, 404KB)

Statement of Significance - 26 Summerhill Road, Glen Iris, The Fold   (PDF, 299KB)

Statement of Significance - 29 Summerhill Road Methodist Church Complex   (PDF, 523KB)

Statement of Significance - 148 Summerhill Road, Glen Iris, Langley Burrell   (PDF, 586KB)

Statement of Significance - 3 Valley Parade, Glen Iris, Woorayl   (PDF, 357KB)

Statement of Significance - Glen Iris Heights and Cherry's Hill Estates Precinct   (PDF, 402KB)

Statement of Significance - Mont Iris Estate and Environs Precinct   (PDF, 612KB)

Statement of Significance - Summerhill Estate Precinct  (PDF, 567KB)

Statement of Significance - Violet Farm Estate Precinct   (PDF, 449KB)

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