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Amendment C318 proposes to introduce the Heritage Overlay on a permanent basis to 15 individual places and one precinct in Balwyn, Balwyn North and Deepdene.

Current status (September 2020)

On 31 August 2020, the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC) considered the independent Panel’s report and resolved to:

  1. Receive and acknowledge the Panel’s report and recommendations, as shown at Attachment 1, in accordance with Section 27(1) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
  2. Endorse the officers’ response to the Panel’s recommendations as outlined in this report and recommended changes to heritage citations, as shown at Attachment 2.
  3. Adopt the revised Balwyn Heritage Study Peer Review as shown at Attachment 3.
  4. Refer the updated Amendment C318 to a Meeting of Council to be adopted in accordance with Section 29(1) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
  5. Authorise the Director City Planning to undertake administrative changes to the amendment and associated planning controls that do not change the intent of the controls. 

Access a copy of the UPSC report.

Amendment C318 will now be considered at the Meeting of Council on 21 September 2020. 

Council will decide whether to accept the UPSC’s recommendation to adopt Amendment C318.

All submitters to the amendment as well as any affected and adjoining property owners and occupiers will be sent a written invitation to the Council meeting.  

About Amendment C318

Amendment C318 will affect properties in Balywn, Balwyn North and Deepdene and proposes to introduce the Heritage Overlay on a permanent basis to 15 individual places and one precinct. 

The properties proposed for heritage protection are listed below:

Proposed HO Number Property Address Description of Place
HO870 1 Mountain View Road, Balwyn North House
HO871 1 Reumah Court, Balwyn House ‘Reumah’
HO872 3 Brenbeal Street, Balwyn All Hallows’ Catholic Church-School, former
HO873 7 Mangan Street, Balwyn Flats
HO874 8 Kitchener Street, Deepdene House ‘Khartoum’
HO875 8 Boston Road, Balwyn House ‘Rexmoor’
HO876 9 Boston Road, Balwyn House ‘Aloha’
HO877 28 Leonard Street, Deepdene House ‘Mararoa’
HO878 32 Whitehorse Road, Deepdene 1st Deepdene Scout Hall
HO879 113 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn House ‘Bel-Air’
HO880 129-131 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn ‘Silver Birches’ (formerly ‘Hillsborough’) and garden
HO881 146 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn Church House
HO882 171 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North House and Garden
HO883 269 Union Road, Balwyn House ‘Evandale’ (formerly ‘Dewrang’)
HO884 958A Burke Road, Deepdene Former Frank Paton Memorial Church and Hall
HO885 1-13 Angle Road, Deepdene inclusive Angle Road precinct, Deepdene

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Amendment 318 - Panel Report   [PDF, 3.3MB]

Amendment 318 - Part A Submission - Council   [PDF, 577KB]

Amendment C318 - Expert Evidence - Context   [PDF, 4MB]

Amendment C318 - Expert Witness Statement to Panel - 958a Burke Road, Deepdene - Bryce Raworth   [PDF, 10.3MB]

Amendment C318 - Expert Witness Statement to Panel - 28 Leonard Street, Deepdene - Bryce Raworth   [PDF, 11.3MB]

Amendment C318 - Explanatory Report   [PDF, 145KB]

Amendment C318 - Instruction Sheet   [PDF, 132KB]

Amendment C318 - Notice of Preparation of Amendment   [PDF, 107KB]

Amendment C318 - Planning Scheme Map 4HO   [PDF, 227KB]

Amendment C318 - Planning Scheme Maps 8HO & 9HO   [PDF, 276KB]

Amendment C318 - Planning Scheme Map 9HO   [PDF, 248KB]

Amendment C318 - Planning Scheme Maps 9HO & 10HO   [PDF, 266KB]

Amendment C318 - Planning Scheme Map 10HO   [PDF, 291KB]

Heritage Overlay Fact sheet   [PDF, 537KB]

Balwyn Heritage Peer Review - Stage 2 - Background report   [PDF, 12MB]

Statement of Significance - 1 Mountain View Road, Balwyn North   [PDF, 308KB

Statement of Significance - 1 Reumah Court, Balwyn   [PDF, 842KB]

Statement of Significance - 3 Brenbeal Street, Balwyn   [PDF, 922KB]

Statement of Significance - 7 Mangan Street, Balwyn  [PDF, 805KB]

Statement of Significance - 8 Kitchener Street, Deepdene   [PDF, 417KB]

Statement of Significance - 8 Boston Road, Balwyn   [PDF, 652KB]

Statement of Significance - 9 Boston Road, Balwyn   [PDF, 285KB]

Statement of Significance - 28 Leonard Street, Deepdene   [PDF, 636KB]

Statement of Significance - 32 Whitehorse Road, Deepdene  [PDF, 677KB]

Statement of Significance - 113 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn  [PDF, 798KB]

Statement of Significance - 129-131 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn  [PDF, 767KB]

Statement of Significance - 146 Yarrbat Avenue, Balwyn   [PDF, 640KB]

Statement of Significance - 171 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North   [PDF, 278KB]

Statement of Significance - 269 Union Road, Balwyn   [PDF, 787KB]

Statement of Significance - 958A Burke Road, Deepdene   [PDF, 621KB]

Statement of Significance - Angle Road Precinct   [PDF, 231KB]

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