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Amendment C305boro proposes to implement the recommendations of the Methodist Ladies’ College Heritage Citation (adopted 20 August 2018) by introducing the Heritage Overlay HO795 on a permanent basis to the following buildings and elements within Methodist Ladies’ College:

Significant buildings and elements, including views to their principal elevations:

  • Tiddeman Boarding House/The Residence of 1881-85
  • Fountain of 1885
  • ‘Wentworth’ (Art House) of 1889 and fence (built as a private residence)
  • Red House, Federation Queen Anne House (formerly 231 Barkers Road) of 1901 (built as a private residence)
  • Fitchett Hall of 1917
  • Krome Memorial Gates & Fence of 1923
  • Nicholas House (Language Centre) of 1926
  • Boarding House Wings & Boarders’ Dining Room of 1938-39
  • Nurses’ Memorial Assembly Hall of 1957
  • Fitchett Chapel of 1959
  • R.A.W. Woodgate Resource Centre of 1974

Contributory building and elements, including views to their principal elevations:

  • Nicholas Wing (Nicholas Building) of 1939
  • Path layout from the corner entrance to the east wing of Tiddeman Boarding House/The Residence 
  • Two mature Elms at entrance of the school, Algerian Oak (boundary of Barkers Road) and English Oak (boundary of Glenferrie Road) and Atlantic Cedar in front gardens, all of the nineteenth century
  • Fence and gates of ‘Crom’ at Centenary Building, northern section (of c1890-91) only

Current status (September 2019)

At its meeting on 5 August 2019, the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC) resolved to receive and note the submissions to Amendment C305boro to the Boroondara Planning Scheme; endorse the officers’ response to submissions; and refer the amendment and the unresolved submission to a Planning Panel. 

You can access a copy of the UPSC report and Minutes.

The Minister for Planning has appointed an independent Panel to consider the submissions to Amendment C305boro.

A Directions Hearing has been scheduled for 10am on Wednesday 4 September 2019 in Hearing Room 1, Planning Panels Victoria, Ground Floor, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne. The purpose of the Directions Hearing is to clarify administrative and procedural matters of the Panel Hearing.

The panel hearing process is organised by Planning Panels Victoria who will write to all submitters to participate in the Panel Hearing process. As a submitter you will have the opportunity to appear before the Panel in support of your submission. You can provide further written submissions to the independent Panel, if you are unable to attend.  

If you have any questions regarding the Panel process:

Next steps 

Following the panel hearing, the independent Panel will prepare a report for consideration by Council. Council must make this report publically available within 28 days of receiving it. 

Council officers will review the Panel report and prepare a report for consideration by the UPSC with recommendations.  Council does not need to accept the Panel’s recommendations and may resolve to make additional changes to the amendment. 


Methodist Ladies College Heritage Citation - adopted 20 August 2018 [PDF, 8MB]

Heritage Overlay Fact Sheet [PDF,  403KB ]

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