Amendment C276 applies to nine individual properties and two precincts in Balwyn, Balwyn North and Deepdene and proposes to include nine new individual properties and two new precincts in the Heritage Overlay on a permanent basis.

The affected properties and precincts are listed in the following table:

Proposed Heritage Overlay Number Affected property/properties
HO757 86 Balwyn Road, Balwyn (St Barnabas Anglican Church)

224 Belmore Road, Balwyn AKA, 4 Collins Court, Balwyn (house)

HO759 950 Burke Road, Deepdene (maisonettes)
HO760 231 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn (Palace Balwyn Cinema)
HO761 192 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North (house)
HO762 17-19 King Street, Balwyn (pair of houses)
HO764 48 Narrak Road, Balwyn (house)
HO765 32 Winmalee Road, Balwyn (house)

146-148 Winmalee Road, Balwyn (house)

HO767 19-33a Maud Street, Balwyn North (Maud Street Maisonette Precinct) 

208-308 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

347-377 & 397-425 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

(Balwyn Village Commercial Precinct)

Current status (June 2018)

Council resolution following Exhibition

On 7 May 2018 the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC) considered a report on the outcomes of the formal exhibition process for Amendment C276. The officer report provided a summary of each submission received, and responded to issues raised and changes requested.

At this meeting, the UPSC resolved to:

  • Make changes to four citations in response to issues raised within submissions.
  • Remove 38 Monash Ave, Balwyn from Amendment C276 and no longer recommend this property for heritage protection.
  • Refer all submissions (with the exception of submissions relating to 38 Monash Ave) to a planning panel for consideration. 

Panel hearing

The independent Panel appointed to consider submissions to Amendment C276 has scheduled a public hearing on 2-3 October 2018. You can download a copy of the current hearing schedule.

As directed by the independent Panel, any expert witness statement needs to be circulated by 5pm, Friday 7 September 2018. Expert witness statements will be made available for download in the download section below

The Panel has also directed Council to make clear any changes that have been made to citations following exhibition. The following changes have been made to citations, all of which are available to view in the download section below.



224 Belmore Road, Balwyn

The citation has been updated to include historic information about the Frankhauser family and to make additions to the statement of significance.

48 Narrack Road, Balwyn

The citation has been corrected by replacing references to 46 Narrack Road with 48 Narrack Road.

Balwyn Village Commercial Precinct

Citation updated to reflect the significance of buildings within the Balwyn Church of Christ property.

Citation updated to correct references to 367, 367A and 369 Whitehorse Road.

Maude Street Maisonettes Precinct

Citation updated to correct minor spelling errors.

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Planning Panel's Hearing and Direction Schedule (pdf 468kb)

Amendment C276 - Explanatory Report (pdf 41kb)

Amendment C276 - Notice of Preparation of Amendment pdf 30kb)

Amendment C276 - Instruction Sheet (pdf 23kb)

Amendment C276 - Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay (pdf 545kb)

Balwyn Village Commercial Precinct - Heritage Citation - REVISED FOR PANEL (pdf 894kb)

Maud Street Precinct - Heritage Citation - REVISED FOR PANEL (pdf 717kb)

86 Balwyn Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 178kb)

224 Belmore Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation - REVISED FOR PANEL (pdf 241kb)

950 Burke Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 364kb)

192 Doncaster Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 1,053kb)

17-19 King Street, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 745kb)

48 Narrak Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation - REVISED FOR PANEL (pdf 727kb)

32 Winmallee Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 682kb)

146-148 Winmalee Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf335kb)

231 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn - Heritage Citation (pdf 1,585kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 4 & 9 (1) (pdf 185 kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 4 & 9 (2) (pdf 181kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 8 (pdf 172kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 9 (1) (pdf 161kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 9 (2) (pdf 215kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 9 (3) (pdf 167kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 9 (4) (pdf 167kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 9 & 10 (pdf 208kb)

Amendment C276 - Exhibition Map HO 1 (pdf 166kb)

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