About Amendment C271

Amendment C271 proposes to apply the Heritage Overlay to two buildings and five trees at Trinity Grammar School (40 and 41 Charles Street, Kew).

The amendment is supported by the Trinity Grammar School heritage citation, as prepared by Council’s heritage consultant, Context.

Context identified Henty House and Roberts House as an individually significant heritage place, as well as five trees which contribute to the significance of Roberts House.

Current status (March 2018)

Amendment adopted

On 26 February 2018, Council resolved to adopt Amendment C271 and submit the amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval.

A copy of the Council report is available online.

In accordance with the resolution, Council submitted Amendment C271 to the Minister for Planning for approval on 1 March 2018. Council is now awaiting the Minister’s decision.

Once the Minister for Planning has made a decision on Council’s request for approval, Council will notify all affected and adjoining property owners and occupiers, as well as submitters, of the Minister’s decision.

All relevant amendment documentation is available for download below.

Interim Heritage Overlay

The Minister for Planning has approved an interim Heritage Overlay for the two identified buildings and associated trees. The interim Heritage Overlay came into operation on 21 December 2017 through Amendment C273.

The interim Heritage Overlay has an expiry of 31 December 2018 but will be removed as part of Amendment C271 should this amendment be approved before this date.  

More information

For more information contact Claire Scarlett, Strategic Planner:

Supporting Amendment documentation

Amendment C271 - Explanatory Report

Amendment C271 - Notice of Preparation of Amendment

Amendment C271 - Instruction Sheet

Amendment C271 - Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay

Amendment C271 - Exhibition Map 07

Trinity Grammar Heritage Citation

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