Amendment C266 proposes to implement the recommendations of the Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment. The amendment was adopted by Council at its meeting on 26 November 2018 and has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The amendment now seeks to include 20 individual heritage places and five heritage precincts in the Heritage Overlay to the Boroondara Planning Scheme. 

About Amendment C266

Council is proposing changes to planning controls affecting land at:

  • 6 Alexandra Avenue, Canterbury
  • 902A Burke Road, Canterbury
  • 61 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 146 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 351-359 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 190A Canterbury Road, 26A Myrtle Road, Canterbury & 6 Harp Road, Kew (Electrical substations)
  • 35 Chatham Road, Canterbury
  • 13 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 23 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 35 Matlock Street, Canterbury
  • 67 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury
  • 25 Shierlaw Avenue & 1A Faversham Road, Canterbury
  • 2 Snowden Place, Canterbury
  • 10 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 14 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 15 View Street, Canterbury
  • 2B Warburton Road, Canterbury
  • 37 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury
  • 2 Woodstock Street (and stables at 33A Parlington Street), Canterbury
  • Canterbury Road Commercial Precinct
  • Griffin Estate & Environs Residential Precinct
  • Matlock Street Residential Precinct
  • Parlington Estate Residential Precinct
  • Rochester Road Residential Precinct

Current status (December 2018)

Amendment adopted

On 26 November 2018, Council considered the report prepared by the independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning to consider Amendment C266. Council resolved to adopt Amendment C266 subject to some changes, consistent with the Panel’s recommendation and other issues outlined in the Council report as follows:

  • Abandon the proposed Victoria Avenue heritage precinct.
  • Remove 10-20 Rochester Road (even numbered properties) from the proposed Rochester Road heritage precinct.
  • Remove 2 Boronia Street from the proposed Balwyn Road Residential precinct extension.
  • Abandon proposed site specific Heritage Overlay for 49 Mangarra Road.
  • Abandon proposed site specific Heritage Overlay for 106 Mont Albert Road.

Access a copy of the Council report and minutes.

In accordance with the resolution, Council has submitted Amendment C266 to the Minister for Planning for approval.  Council is now awaiting the Minister’s decision. 

Once the Minister for Planning has made a decision on Council’s request for approval, Council will notify all affected and adjoining property owners and occupiers as well as submitters of the Minister’s decision. 

All relevant amendment documentation is available for download below.

Interim heritage controls for Canterbury extended

The Minister for Planning has approved an extension to the interim heritage controls which currently apply to properties initially recommended for heritage protection through Amendment C266.

The interim controls, which first came into effect on 8 February 2018, are now due to expire on 30 November 2019, or when the Minister approves Amendment C266 in its final form.

Council has requested that the Minister remove the interim heritage controls which have been extended to properties now proposed not be protected through the Heritage Overlay, as part of his approval of Amendment C266.

Council will write to affected property owners and occupiers once the Minister has approved Amendment C266 and removed the interim heritage controls.


Panel Report - Amendment C266 - Canterbury Heritage Gap Study

Canterbury Heritage Gap Study - Adopted

Amendment C266 - Explanatory Report - Adopted

Amendment C266 - Heritage Policy Clause 22.03 - Adopted

Amendment C266 - Heritage Overlay Schedule to Clause 43.01 - Adopted

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Map 8HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Map 9HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Map 12HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Map 13HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Map 14HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Deleted HO Map 13HO

Amendment C266 - Adopted - Deleted HO Maps 9HO, 13HO & 14HO

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