Amendment C266 proposes to implement the recommendations of the Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment to include 22 individual heritage places, six heritage precincts and one precinct extension in the Heritage Overlay to the Boroondara Planning Scheme. 

About Amendment C266

Council is proposing changes to planning controls affecting land at:

  • 6 Alexandra Avenue, Canterbury
  • 902A Burke Road, Canterbury
  • 61 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 146 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 351-359 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 190A Canterbury Road, 26A Myrtle Road, Canterbury & 6 Harp Road, Kew (Electrical substations)
  • 35 Chatham Road, Canterbury
  • 13 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 23 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 49 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 35 Matlock Street, Canterbury
  • 67 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury
  • 106 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury
  • 25 Shierlaw Avenue & 1A Faversham Road, Canterbury
  • 2 Snowden Place, Canterbury
  • 10 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 14 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 15 View Street, Canterbury
  • 2B Warburton Road, Canterbury
  • 37 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury
  • 2 Woodstock Street (and stables at 33A Parlington Street), Canterbury
  • Canterbury Road Commercial Precinct
  • Griffin Estate & Environs Residential Precinct
  • Matlock Street Residential Precinct
  • Parlington Estate Residential Precinct
  • Rochester Road Residential Precinct
  • Victoria Avenue Residential Precinct
  • 1A Balwyn Road (extension of HO264 - Balwyn Road Residential Precinct to cover 2 Boronia Street).

Amendment C266 proposes to include the above properties in the Heritage Overlay in the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

Current status (August 2018)

Interim heritage controls for Canterbury approved (Amendment C264)

Amendment C264 has been approved and was gazetted on 8 February 2018. The amendment introduces interim Heritage Overlays to all affected properties in Canterbury as recommended in Amendments C266. Amendment C266 seeks to introduce permanent Heritage Overlays as identified in the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study.

Under delegation from the Minister for Planning, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has approved the interim Heritage Overlays with an expiry date of 30 November 2018. This will allow enough time for the permanent heritage control amendment to be properly considered.

Panel hearing completed

The independent Panel appointed to consider submissions to Amendment C266 concluded its hearing on 8 May 2018.

Consideration of Panel report 

On 5 July 2018 Council received the report from the independent Panel on Amendment C266 and submissions referred to it.  You can access a copy of the Panel report

Council officers are currently reviewing the Panel report and will prepare a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC). The report is likely to be considered by the UPSC in October 2018.  
All submitters to the amendment as well as any affected and adjoining property owners and occupiers will have the opportunity to address the UPSC in support of their submission and any Council officer recommendations.

Council’s ‘Part A’ Submission

As per the Directions of the independent Planning Panel, dated 21 March 2018, a copy of Council’s Part A submission is provided here:

Amendment C266 - Part A Submission

Amendment C266 - Part A Submission - Attachment 3

Council’s Expert Witness Reports

As per the Directions of the independent Planning Panel, dated 21 March 2018, expert witness reports must be circulated by 12pm, Thursday 12 April 2018. Council’s expert witness reports are provided here:

Expert evidence statement - Trethowan Architecture

Expert evidence statement - Context Pty Ltd 

Expert Witness Reports from other Parties

As per the Directions of the independent Planning Panel, dated 21 March 2018, Council must upload all expert witness reports to its website by 4pm, Friday 13 April 2018. These reports are provided here:

10-12 Rochester Road, Canterbury

2 Snowden Place, Canterbury


Panel Report - Amendment C266 - Canterbury Heritage Gap Study

Canterbury Heritage Study

Amendment C266 - Explanatory Report

Amendment C266 - Notice of Preparation of amendment

Amendment C266 - Instruction sheet

Heritage Policy - Clause 22.05

Heritage Overlay Schedule to Clause 43.01

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 8

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 8,12 & 13

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 9 & 13

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 (1)

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 (2)

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 (3)

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 (4)

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 (5)

Amendment C266 - Exhibition Map 13 & 14


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