This page guides you through the process of applying for minor changes to plans that were previously endorsed by a Planning Permit.

Step 1: Confirm that your request is a minor change to plans

If you are in doubt as to whether the change is minor, email Statutory Planning.

Step 2: Review the wording of the original Planning Permit

See if the following condition appears in the Planning Permit:

The layout of the site and the size, levels, design and location of buildings and works and the description of the use(s) on the endorsed plans must not be modified for any reason (unless the Boroondara Planning Scheme specifies that a permit is not required) without the prior written consent of the Responsible Authority.

  • If the condition appears, it confirms that you may apply for the minor amendment.

Step 3: Prepare supporting documentation for the minor amendment

You need to provide hard copies of the following:

  • A letter requesting the amendment, including a written summary identifying each change and reasons why the changes are required
  • amended plans in electronic format, highlighting the proposed changes.

Make sure that the amended plans include all parts of the original design that have not changed. For example, if the original plans included two buildings, and one will be modified, both buildings must appear on the revised plans.

Note that there is no application form for minor amendments to endorsed plans.

Step 4: Lodge the request

Lodge the request for the minor changes to the endorsed plans, together with the fee of $540 (includes GST). You do not need to complete an application form for a minor amendment.

We prefer that you submit the documentation electronically, using either of the following methods:

Alternatively, we accept applications submitted in person or sent by post to Council Offices.

Note that we will send all subsequent correspondence to the email address stated on the application form. 

Further information

For help, email Statutory Planning or call 9278 4888.

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