Use these steps to apply to change a Planning Permit condition or preamble.

Step 1: Confirm that the amendment does not impact endorsed plans

An amendment to a condition only impacts the wording of the Planning Permit, or its preamble.

Does your amendment impact the plans as well as conditions? If so, you will also need to apply for an amendment to endorsed plans.

Step 2: Provide supporting documentation for the condition amendment

You need to provide:

  • Certificate of Title. You can get this from the Landata website. The Certificate of Title must be no more than 28 days' old.
  • Cover letter detailing the proposed changes.
  • Written summary justifying why the amendments are being requested.

Step 3: Complete and lodge the application

Complete the Application to Amend a Planning Permit. The application incurs a fee of $1286.10.

Submit the application

We prefer that you submit the application electronically, using either of the following methods:

Alternatively, we accept applications submitted in person or sent by post to Council Offices.

Note that we will send all subsequent correspondence to the email address stated on the application form. 

Step 4: Respond to requests for further information

If we need further information to assess the application, we'll ask you to provide the required documentation.

The process for assessing amendments to a Planning Permit is governed by the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Further information

For help, email Statutory Planning or call 9278 4888.

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