A Planning Permit can be amended from time to time.

Types of amendments

You can amend the following aspects of the Planning Permit:

  • endorsed plans
  • conditions on the Planning Permit (including the description of the development or use of land that has been approved).

Amendments to endorsed plans are categorised as minor or major. Minor amendments are generally quicker to process than major amendments and require less supporting documentation. If you are unsure which category your amendment falls into, email Statutory Planning.

Amendment to conditions or the description of the development or use of land that has been approved are all considered to be major and are processed using a similar process to the original Planning Permit application.

What would you like to amend?

The steps in the application process depend on the type of amendment you are requesting:

Lodging an amendment application

If your application involves a major amendment or condition change, you'll need to complete the Application to Amend a Planning Permit. In some cases, you can lodge amendments to plans and conditions in a single application.

After you have lodged the application, it will be assessed by Council.


Your application for an amendment may be eligible for VicSmart.

Find out more about VicSmart Planning Permit applications.

    Further information

    If you need help, email Statutory Planning at [email protected] or call 9278 4888.

    Amendments to Planning Permits are governed by the following legislation:


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