After we issue a Planning Permit, you can apply to make changes to the: 

  • endorsed plans
  • conditions on the Planning Permit
  • Planning Permit pre-amble (the description of what the permit allows). 

Depending on the changes you want to make, you will either need to apply for a: 

Secondary Consent amendment

A Secondary Consent amendment may be the most appropriate way for us to assess minor changes to endorsed plans. 

Under Secondary Consent, you can't: 

  • change what the permit allows
  • change the permit conditions
  • propose changes that cause material detriment to adjoining or nearby properties
  • transform the proposal. 

If you make changes as a Secondary Consent amendment, you don't need to notify the public, or advertise the changes. 

Documents required for application

Submit a full set of the revised plans or endorsed documents. This includes tree management plans, or landscape plans.

Your plans and documents must show: 

  • all proposed changes
  • all parts of the approved design that haven't changed. 

If available, submit any supporting material that may help us assess your application - for example, photos, site or house plans. 

Application fee

The application fee is $578

How to apply

You can apply for a Secondary Consent amendment online. 

Apply for a Secondary Consent amendment

After you apply

We will assess if your application is eligible for a Secondary Consent amendment. 

We might contact you if there is information missing from your application. 

After our assessment, we will email you a letter explaining the outcome of your application. If we approve your application, we will also send you the endorsed plans. 

We may ask you to apply for a Section 72 amendment if we find that your proposed changes may: 

  • impact amenities
  • cause material detriment.

You can only proceed with your proposed changes once we have assessed and approved your application. 

Learn how we assess Planning Permit amendments. 

Section 72 amendment

A Section 72 amendment may be the most appropriate way for us to assess any changes to: 

  • endorsed plans
  • permit conditions
  • the permit pre-amble.

An application for a Section 72 amendment follows the same process as a new Planning Permit application. 

If you make changes as a Section 72 amendment, you may need to notify the public or advertise the changes. 

VicSmart applications

Some Planning Permit applications are eligible for VicSmart. It's a fast assessment process for straight forward planning applications. 

Check if you are eligible for VicSmart before submitting your application with us. 

Documents required for application 

Include the following documents with your application: 

  • a copy of the application to Amend a Planning Permit form
  • a current copy of the Certificate of Title (no more than 30 days old). 
  • a cover letter detailing the proposed changes
  • a written summary explaining why you're requesting the amendments
  • an electronic copy of the revised plans (if needed). 

How to apply

After you have completed the form, you can: 

After you apply

Once you've submitted the application, we will email you an invoice with information on how to pay. 

For Planning Permit fees as of 1 July 2018. see Victoria State Government planning and subdivision fees.

Requests for further information 

We will assess your application after you have submitted it. 

If we need more information to make a decision on your application, we will ask you to send us the relevant documents. 

We will send all subsequent correspondence to the email address you give us in your application. 

Learn how we assess Planning Permit amendments.

More information

For further enquiries related to the amendment process, please contact Statutory Planning

Amendments to Planning Permits are governed by the following legislation: 

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