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Redevelopment of the Freeway Golf Course (FGC) is underway. This redevelopment is happening due to the impacts of the North East Link Project (NELP).

Status of the project

The golf course was temporarily closed in September 2021 for reconfiguration work.

Highlights of construction include:

  • new timber-faced sand bunkers
  • laying over 1.5 hectares of turf
  • installation of 2.8 kilometres of cart paths including new pathways made from 6 tonnes of recycled tyres thanks to grant funding from Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA)
  • reconstruction of 12 putting greens
  • reconstruction of 11 tee complexes 
  • implementation of the environmental management plan

We aim to reopen the redeveloped 18-hole course in early 2023.

About the project 

In 2023, NELP will acquire around 4 hectares of land from the course to build new North East Link entry and exit ramps at Bulleen Road and the Eastern Freeway.

This land acquisition impacts the original course layout, including:

  • the former first green
  • second hole
  • third hole
  • fifth green.

This meant we needed to redesign and configure the course within a smaller footprint of land.

On 26 April 2021, Council endorsed a new golf course design and construction method for the reconfiguration works.

The design was developed by leading golf course architects Pacific Coast Design in partnership with Council officers. It also took in feedback from our golfing community and local residents. 

These key requirements were carefully taken into consideration when creating the design for the new course:

  • Maintain an enjoyable 18-hole golf course experience. 
  • Provide sufficient challenge and interest for players. 
  • Ensure safety issues are addressed.
  • Design the course so that each group of 9 holes returns to the club house and carpark.
  • Ensure there are several touch points to the club house and public amenities.
  • Maximise course distance despite the loss of land.
  • Minimise impacts to native flora and fauna and improving biodiversity by planting extra trees and understorey vegetation.
  • Minimise environmental impacts from working in a sensitive flood-prone environment.


The complete closure of the course makes sure the works are completed in the shortest possible timeframe. It also allows us to reopen an 18-hole course sooner than a staged construction process.


When Stage Progress update
February 2021 NELP begin Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS) and reticulation works at Freeway Golf Course NELP were originally due to end their occupation at FGC by December 2021, however, they and their contractors experienced construction delays and were unable to complete their works until late September 2022.
24 February to 10 March 2021 Community consultation Consultation completed.
April 2021 Council reviewed the new course design (masterplan), the staging options and community feedback Proposed design endorsed by Council and course closure approved to complete works in a single stage.
September 2021 Construction works commence Construction works are underway.
Early 2023 FCG reopens Due to the delays with YEMS works, FGC is now expected to reopen in early 2023 instead of late 2022 as planned. We will deliver an official reopening event to celebrate the completion of construction in early-2023.

More information

For more information, please contact Council’s Turf Management team on (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected].

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