The Trinity Grammar School Heritage Assessment identifies two individually significant buildings and five associated trees at Trinity Grammar School as having local heritage significance

Current status

The recommendations of the Trinity Grammar School Heritage Assessment are currently being implemented through Amendment C271.

Further information on Amendment C271 is available online.

About the Trinity Grammar School Heritage Assessment

Council’s heritage consultant, Context Pty Ltd (Context), recently completed an assessment of the heritage significance of buildings within the Trinity Grammar School campus at 40 & 41 Charles Street, Kew.

Context identified Henty House and Roberts House as an ‘individually significant’ heritage place and recommended that the buildings be included in the Heritage Overlay. Context also recommended tree controls for five trees which contribute to the significance of Roberts House.

Amendment C271 proposes to apply the Heritage Overlay to 40 & 41 Charles Street, Kew as recommended in the heritage citation prepared by Context.

The heritage citation can be downloaded below.

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