Council has engaged Context Pty Ltd to review the heritage significance of all buildings within the Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) campus at 207 Barkers Road, Kew.

The review was undertaken following the identification of a number of mapping anomalies in relation to the existing Heritage Overlays onsite.

The draft citation identifies 11 significant buildings/elements and five contributory buildings/elements, and proposes a revised Heritage Overlay to replace the existing Heritage Overlays within the MLC campus (HO204, HO271, and part of HO150).

Further details are provided in the draft citation.

Current status (April 2018)

Council officers will review the feedback received during the preliminary consultation process and prepare a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC). The UPSC will determine whether to proceed with a planning scheme amendment to implement the recommendations of the draft MLC heritage citation.

Affected and adjoining property owners/occupiers and anyone who provided Council with feedback as part of the preliminary consultation process will be notified of the UPSC meeting and have the opportunity to address the UPSC in support of their feedback. 

Find out more about the Heritage Overlay process.

More information

For more information contact Jo Liu, Senior Strategic Planner:

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