The ‘City of Boroondara Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 4 Kew’ presents the findings and recommendations from the heritage assessment of Kew and includes citations for the nominated individual heritage properties and precincts.

About the Kew Heritage Gap Study

Council has engaged Context Pty Ltd to prepare the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study. The suburb assessment of Kew has been completed. The study area consists of all properties located outside the existing Heritage Overlay in Kew.

The draft study has identified the following properties and precincts to be of local heritage significance:

Heritage precincts

  1. Banool Estate Precinct
  2. Bradford Estate Precinct
  3. Burke Road Commercial Precinct
  4. Cotham Village Commercial Precinct
  5. Goldthorns Hill & Environs Precinct
  6. Iona Estate Residential Precinct
  7. May Street Precinct
  8. Thornton Estate Residential Precinct

Heritage Precinct Extensions

  1. HO142 Barrington Avenue Precinct extension: 2-6 Barrington Avenue; 135-187 Cotham Road; 2A Hillcrest Avenue; and 2 Kent Street, Kew
  2. HO143 Barry Street Precinct extension: 31-57 Princess Street and 19-23 Wills Street, Kew
  3. HO150 Glenferrie Road Precinct extension: 4 Belmont Avenue, 154-182 Cotham Road, 1-5 Franks Grove, and 3-19 & 2-14 Rossfield Avenue, Kew
  4. HO162 Sackville Street Precinct extension: 1185-1189 Burke Road; 3 & 6-14 Grange Road; and 16 Rowland Street, Kew
  5. HO520 Kew Junction Commercial Precinct extension: 137-139 High Street, Kew
  6. HO527 High Street South Residential Precinct extension: 1-3 and 4 Bowen Street, Kew

Individual properties

  1. ‘Urangeline’ (former Edzell, Mildura) at 349 Barkers Road, Kew
  2. William Carey Chapel at 349 Barkers Road, Kew
  3. 315 Barkers Road, Kew
  4. 1139-1141 Burke Road, Kew
  5. 301 Cotham Road (part), Kew
  6. 230 Cotham Road, Kew
  7. 264 Cotham Road, Kew
  8. 283 Cotham Road (part), Kew
  9. 370-376 Cotham Road (part), Kew
  10. 4 Edgecombe Street, Kew
  11. 59 Pakington Street, Kew
  12. 20 Peel Street, Kew
  13. 3 Perry Court, Kew
  14. 25 Queen Street, Kew
  15. 13 Raheen Drive, Kew
  16. 6 Reeves Court, Kew
  17. 35-37 Rowland Street, Kew
  18. 28 Stevenson Street, Kew
  19. 71 Stevenson Street, Kew
  20. 96 Stevenson Street, Kew
  21. 31 Studley Park Road, Kew

These places are recommended for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay in the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

Current status (December 2017)

The preliminary consultation period closed on 8 December 2017.

Council officers are now reviewing the feedback received and will prepare a report on the outcomes of the preliminary consultation for consideration by the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC) in early 2018. The UPSC will consider the feedback and decide whether to commence the planning scheme amendment process to include identified properties in the Heritage Overlay of the Boroondara Planning Scheme.  

All affected property owners and occupiers and anyone who provides Council with feedback will be notified of this meeting and invited to speak, if desired. Should the UPSC resolve to commence the formal planning scheme amendment process, further public consultation will be undertaken as part of that process. 

Please note that the draft citations have not been adopted by Council and do not carry any statutory weight. However, Council may use the draft study recommendations to inform its discussions with planning permit applicants in relation to properties identified for heritage protection. 

In order for the heritage citations to have statutory weight, affected properties need to be included in the Heritage Overlay under the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

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