Council is proposing to downgrade 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn from Contributory to non-contributory places in Creswick Estate Heritage Precinct - Heritage Overlay Schedule 646 (HO646).

Current status (September 2018)

Council sought feedback from affected and abutting land owners and occupiers on the draft heritage regrading assessment for 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn between 23 August and 21 September 2018.

Council officers are reviewing the feedback received and considering the next steps for the proposed regarding of 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn.

About the regradings

Council’s Heritage Consultant, Context Pty Ltd, reassessed the heritage grading of 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn in August 2018 following the demolition of 14 Calvin Street, Hawthorn. 

Council’s Heritage Consultant has recommended that both 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn be regraded from contributory to non-contributory properties within the Creswick Estate Precinct.  

Council’s Heritage Consultant concluded that the loss of one-half of the semi-attached pair (14 Calvin Street, Hawthorn) has detrimentally affected the heritage significance of the remaining half (16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn). No. 16 Calvin Street no longer has the intactness needed to be considered a contributory place in the Creswick Estate Precinct.

More detail on the recommended grading change are provided in the regrading assessment.

Please note: the draft assessment and its recommendations have not been adopted by Council and do not carry any statutory weight at this time. However, Council may use the draft recommendations to inform its discussions with planning permit applicants in relation to properties identified for heritage protection.

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Heritage Regrading - 14 and 16 Calvin Street, Hawthorn (PDF 211.02 KB)  

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