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The ‘City of Boroondara Municipal-Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 1 Canterbury’ presents the findings and recommendations from the heritage assessment of Canterbury and includes citations for the nominated individual heritage properties and precincts.

Council adopted Amendment C266 to the Boroondara Planning Scheme on 26 November 2018, to implement the recommendations of the study.

Current status (December 2018)

Adoption of Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment

On 26 November 2018, Council adopted the Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment and resolved to submit Amendment C266 to the Boroondara Planning Scheme to the Minister for Planning for final approval. Once approved, the Heritage Overlay will be applied to properties identified for heritage protection in the study, on a permanent basis.

About the Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment

Council engaged Context Pty Ltd to prepare the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study. The first study to be prepared is for the suburb of Canterbury. The study area consists of all properties located outside the existing Heritage Overlay in Canterbury.

The adopted study recommends the following properties and precincts to be included in the Heritage Overlay of the Boroondara Planning Scheme on the basis of their local heritage significance:

Individual properties

  • 6 Alexandra Avenue, Canterbury
  • 902A Burke Road, Canterbury
  • 61 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 146 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 351-359 Canterbury Road, Canterbury
  • 190A Canterbury Road, 26A Myrtle Road, Canterbury & 6 Harp Road, Kew
  • 35 Chatham Road, Canterbury
  • 13 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 16 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 23 Mangarra Road, Canterbury
  • 35 Matlock Street, Canterbury
  • 67 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury
  • 25 Shierlaw Avenue & 1A Faversham Road, Canterbury
  • 2 Snowden Place, Canterbury
  • 10 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 14 The Ridge, Canterbury
  • 15 View Street, Canterbury
  • 2B Warburton Road, Canterbury
  • 37 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury
  • 2 Woodstock Street (and stables at 33A Parlington Street), Canterbury

Heritage precincts

  • Canterbury Road Commercial Precinct
  • Griffin Estate & Environs Residential Precinct
  • Matlock Street Residential Precinct
  • Parlington Estate Residential Precinct
  • Rochester Road Residential Precinct

Find out more

To find out more about Amendment C266, please visit Amendment C266 - Canterbury Heritage Gap Assessment.


Municipal wide heritage gap study - Canterbury - Adopted 3 July 2017 

Municipal wide heritage gap study - Fact sheet

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