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The City of Boroondara Municipal-Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 8 Ashburton presents the findings and recommendations from the heritage assessment of Ashburton and includes citations for the nominated individual heritage properties and precincts.

About the Ashburton Heritage Gap Study

Council has engaged Context Pty Ltd to prepare the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study. The eighth study to be prepared is for the suburb of Ashburton.

The study area consists of all properties located outside the existing Heritage Overlay in Ashburton. 

The draft study has now been completed and has identified the following properties and precincts to be of local heritage significance:

Individual properties

  • 3-7 Ashburn Grove
  • 9 Donald Street
  • 10A Fakenham Road
  • 268 High Street
  • 270 High Street
  • 1 Keyes Street
  • 10 Marquis Street
  • 7 Vears Road
  • 45 Yuile Street

Heritage precincts

  • High Street Ashburton Commercial Precinct
  • Home Farm Estate and Environs Precinct
A property in Ashburton

These places are recommended for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay under the Boroondara Planning Scheme. 

Current status (November 2019)

Preliminary consultation

Preliminary consultation on the draft study closed on Monday 9 December 2019.

Next steps

Council officers will review the feedback received and prepare a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC).  The UPSC will decide whether to 

  • Adopt the ‘City of Boroondara Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 8 Ashburton’.
  • Commence the formal planning scheme amendment process to apply the Heritage Overlay to all or some of the properties identified in the draft study.
  • Defer consideration of the draft ‘City of Boroondara Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 8 Ashburton’ until further work is undertaken. 
  • Abandon the ‘City of Boroondara Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study: Volume 8 Ashburton’ and not proceed to a planning scheme amendment. 

The report is likely to be considered by the UPSC in 2020.  

Affected and adjoining property owners/occupiers and anyone who provided Council with feedback as part of the preliminary consultation process will have the opportunity to address the UPSC in support of their feedback.  

Please note that the draft citations have not been adopted by Council and do not carry any statutory weight. However, Council may use the draft study recommendations to inform its discussions with planning permit applicants in relation to properties identified for heritage protection. 

In order for the heritage citations to have statutory weight, affected properties need to be included in the Heritage Overlay under the Boroondara Planning Scheme. 

Privacy Statement
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You may choose to respond anonymously, however Council will then be unable to contact you regarding the project.

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