Council is proposing to regrade 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell from Non-contributory to Contributory in the Prospect Hill Road Precinct - Heritage Overlay Schedule 159 (HO159).

Current status (October 2019)

Preliminary consultation

We are currently seeking feedback on the draft heritage regrading assessment for 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell before Council decides whether to adopt the grading change recommended for the property.

    Any feedback on the draft assessment must be made in writing by Friday 15 November 2019.

    You can lodge your feedback using the online form.

    Alternatively, feedback can be lodged using:

    • Email:
      [email protected] 
    • Mail:  
      Boroondara City Council,
      Strategic Planning Department,
      Heritage Regrading Assessment - 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell,
      Private Bag 1, CAMBERWELL VIC 3124
    61 Prospect Hill Road Camberwell

    About the regrading

    Council’s Heritage Consultant, Context Pty Ltd, reassessed the heritage grading of 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell following a community nomination.

    Council’s Heritage Consultant has recommended that 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell be regraded from Non-contributory to Contributory within the Prospect Hill Road Precinct.  

    Council’s Heritage Consultant concluded that the property is one of a group of the earliest houses developed during the 1880s in the Prospect Hill Estate and is sufficiently intact to be legible as a Victorian-era dwelling. Council’s Heritage Consultant concluded that the property contributes to the Victorian character of the precinct.

    More detail on the recommended grading change is provided in the regrading assessment, which can be downloaded below.

    Next steps

    Following the completion of preliminary consultation, Council officers will review the feedback received and prepare a report for consideration by the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC) in the future. The UPSC will decide whether to adopt the revised heritage grading for 61 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell.

    Affected and adjoining property owners/occupiers and anyone who provided feedback as part of the preliminary consultation process will be notified prior to the UPSC meeting and have the opportunity to address the UPSC in support of their feedback.

    Please note that the draft assessment and its recommendations have not been adopted by Council and do not carry any statutory weight at this time. However, Council officers may use the draft recommendations to inform its discussions with planning permit applicants in relation to properties identified for heritage protection.

    In order for the recommended grading changes to have statutory weight, the grade change needs to be adopted by the UPSC.

    Contact us

    For more information, contact Robert Costello, Senior Project Planner:



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