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‘Make, Mend, Do: Crafting a circular economy’ is a series of craft-inspired events and activities helping community members learn how to integrate circular-economy practices into daily life and shine a light on our consumption habits.

About the program

‘Make, Mend, Do’ encourages us to consider how we consume, use and dispose of clothing, textiles and other materials. Through a circular economy, we stop waste being produced, in contrast to a linear economy which involves a ‘take-make-dispose’ approach to materials.

A circular economy is one of the key themes in our Climate Action Plan. Adapting our approach to managing materials like clothing and textiles will also help reach the ‘community targets’ outlined on our Climate Action Plan page.

Upcoming events

More information

Please email [email protected] or phone (03) 9278 4770 for more information about the 'Make, Mend, Do' program.

If you would like to help us promote this event, we have made a flyer you can share with others, or print and display at your business, community group, or school. You can download the flyer from the downloads section on this page.

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