Autumn bulk leaf collections begin in April. Selected streets affected by heavy leaf fall have been divided into zones and have been scheduled to be swept throughout April, May and June.

Please search for your street in the tables below to find your zone and dates your street will be swept.

For more information about bulk leaf collections and what you can do to prepare for the sweeping day, see our Find autumn bulk leaf collection days page.

Once-off street sweeping

Selected streets in Boroondara will be part of a 'once-off' manual clean-up service during autumn. See the list of selected streets below.

Please note: throughout April, May and June, the below schedule replaces the online monthly residential sweeping calendar.

Zone A

Street Suburb Section of street
Aylmer St Balwyn Nth  
Bevan St Balwyn  
Bulleen Rd Balwyn Nth Doncaster Rd to Eastern Fwy ramps
Campbell St Kew Adeney Ave to Normanby Rd
Capella St Balwyn Nth  
Cascade St Balwyn Nth  
Fenwick St Kew  
Grant Ave Balwyn  
Inverness Way Balwyn Nth  
Kyora Pde Balwyn Nth  
Nicholson St Balwyn Nth  
Oxford St Kew East  
Stawell St Kew  
Thackray St Balwyn Nth  
The Boulevard Balwyn Nth  
Walbundry Ave Balwyn Nth  
Weir St Balwyn  

Zone B

Street Suburb Section of street
Ajax St Balwyn North  
Barry St Kew  
Brougham St Kew Duke to Willsmere
Carson St Kew  
Fellows St Kew  
Keystone Cres Kew East  
Lucifer St Balwyn North  
Molesworth St Kew  
Mountain View Rd Balwyn North  
Panoramic Rd Balwyn North Doncaster Rd to Riverview Rd
Ramsay Ave Kew East  
Raven St  Kew  
Redmond St Kew  
Thornton St Kew  
Walmer St Kew  
Yarra St Kew  
Younger Ct Kew  

Zone C

Street Suburb Section of street
Alfred St Kew Thomas St to Edward St
Atkins St Kew  
Edgevale Rd Kew Wellington St to Cotham Rd
Edward St Kew  
Holroyd St Kew  
Jaques St Hawthorn East  
Lytton St Kew  
Moonbria Ave Kew  
Nungerner St Balwyn  
Ropley Ave Balwyn  
Ross St Kew  
Rowland St Kew  
Sackville St Kew  
Victor Ave Kew  
Vista Ave Kew  
Walpole St Kew Malmsbury to north end
Winton St Kew  

Zone D

Street Suburb Section of street
Angle Rd Canterbury/Deepdene  
Barrington Ave Kew  
Belmont Ave Kew  
Boston Rd Balwyn  
Campbell Rd  Deepdene  
Deepdene Rd Deepdene  
Frater St Kew  
Gordon St Balwyn Burke Rd to Monash Ave
Heather Grv Kew  
Hender Ct Balwyn  
Jersey St Balwyn  
Kitchener St Deepdene  
Knutsford St Balwyn  
Parkhill Rd Kew High St to Adeney Ave
Studley Ave Kew  
Weybridge St Surrey Hills  
Wolseley Cr Deepdene  

Zone E

Street Suburb Section of street
Albion St Surrey Hills  
Benson St Surrey Hills  
Brenbeal St Balwyn  
Crom St Balwyn  
Croydon Rd Surrey Hills  
Durham Rd Surrey Hills Kent Rd to Canterbury Rd
Essex Rd Surrey Hills Kent Rd to Canterbury Rd
Faversham Rd Canterbury  
Grey St Balwyn between Eyre St and Gordon St
Junction Rd Surrey Hills  
Kent Rd Surrey Hills  
Mont Albert Rd Surrey Hills/Canterbury between Balwyn Rd and York St
Prospect Hill Rd Surrey Hills/Canterbury/Camberwell between Railway line and Middlesex Rd
Rochester Rd Canterbury Canterbury Rd to Mont Albert Rd
Suffolk Rd Surrey Hills Kent Rd to Canterbury Rd
Winson Green Rd Canterbury  
Yarrbat Ave Balwyn Balwyn Rd to Brenbeal St
York St Surrey Hills both sides

Zone F

Street Suburb Section of street
Balwyn Rd Canterbury/Balwyn between Whitehorse Rd and Canterbury Rd
Barnsbury Rd Deepdene  
Birtles Ct Balwyn  
Birtles St Balwyn  
Burton St Balwyn North  
Grange Ave Canterbury  
Head St Balwyn  
Monomeath Ave Canterbury  
Mont Albert Rd Canterbury between Burke Rd and Balwyn Rd
Mountfield St Canterbury  
Oak St Canterbury  
Pembroke Rd Balwyn  
Rubens Gr Canterbury  
Sevenoaks St Balwyn  
Stanley Gr Canterbury  
Torrington St Canterbury Burke Rd to Parlington St
Vauxhall Rd Balwyn  
Victoria Ave Canterbury  
Yeneda St Balwyn North  

Zone G

Street Suburb Section of street
Camden Rd Hawthorn  
Carson Cres Hawthorn  
Chyrstobel Cres Hawthorn  
Currajong Ave Camberwell  
Eric St Hawthorn  
Fairview St Hawthorn from Hawthorn Glen & Service Rd to south end
Henham St Hawthorn East  
Illawarra Rd Hawthorn Kembla St to Reserve Rd
Isabella Gr Hawthorn Yarra St to Coppin Gr
Kooyongkoot Rd Hawthorn  
Linda Cres Hawthorn Mary to Hilda Cres
Moore St Hawthorn  
Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell between Fairholm Grv and Railway line
Radnor St Camberwell  
Ruby St Hawthorn  
Scotsburn St Hawthorn  
Trumper St Camberwell  
Yongala St Balwyn  

Zone H

Street Suburb Section of street
Beaconsfield Rd Hawthorn East  
Bellett St Camberwell Camberwell to King
Bowen St Camberwell  
Crescent Rd Camberwell east side of Trafalgar Rd
Faircroft Ave Glen Iris  
Glen Iris Rd Camberwell/Glen Iris  
Hastings Rd Hawthorn East  
Howitt St Glen Iris  
Judd St Camberwell  
Kaikoura Ave Hawthorn East  
King St Camberwell  
Leura Gr Hawthorn East  
Nepean St Glen Iris  
Rix St Glen Iris  
Selwood St Hawthorn East  
Seymour Grv Camberwell  
Shakespeare Grv Hawthorn  
Valley Pde Glen Iris  

Zone I

Street Suburb Section of street
Avoca St Camberwell  
Berwick St Camberwell  
Brinsley Rd Camberwell Prospect Hill to north end
Broadway Camberwell Stanhope Gr to Canterbury Rd
Bryson St Canterbury  
Chaucer Cres Canterbury  
Derby St Camberwell  
Fermanagh Rd Camberwell  
Kasouka Rd Camberwell  
Kintore St Camberwell  
Lansell Cres Camberwell  
Loch St Camberwell  
Lorne Grv Camberwell  
Myrtle Rd Canterbury Canterbury Rd to Railway line
Russell St Camberwell  
Stanhope Grv Camberwell train line to Prospect Hill Rd
Victoria Rd Camberwell Burke to Berwick 
Wandin Rd Camberwell east-west section from Brinsley
Woodlands Ave Camberwell  

Zone J

Street Suburb Section of street
Allambee Ave Camberwell Coolongatta to Glyndon
Arundel Cres Surrey Hills  
Cochran Ave Camberwell  
Donna Buang St Camberwell  
Fairfield Ave Camberwell  
Gilmour Rd Camberwell  
Granville St Camberwell  
Highfield Rd Camberwell Toorak to Riversdale Rds
Hunter Rd Camberwell Highfield to Wattlevalley Rds
Kingsley St Camberwell  
Lodge Rd Camberwell  
Milverton St Camberwell  
Morey St Camberwell  
Pine Ave Camberwell  
Range St Camberwell  
Rowell Ave Camberwell Toorak to Sunnyside
Smith Rd Camberwell  
Sunnyside Ave Camberwell  
Waterloo St Camberwell  

Zone K

Street Suburb Section of street
Airley Rd Glen Iris  
Barina Rd Glen Iris  
Bath Rd Glen Iris Clitus to Welfare
Bourne Rd Glen Iris  
Britten St Glen Iris  
Carramar Ave Camberwell  
Clitus Ave Glen Iris  
Denman Ave Glen Iris  
Dillon Gr Glen Iris  
Dixon St Glen Iris  
Gowar Ave Camberwell  
Hampton Gr Camberwell  
Howard St Glen Iris  
Kardinia Rd Glen Iris  
Madeline St Glen Iris Clitus to Welfare
Munro Ave Ashburton  
Remon Ave Camberwell  
Welfare Pde Ashburton Baker to Fakenham
Yuile St Ashburton  

Zone L

Street Suburb Section of street
Alamein Ave Ashburton  
Ariel Ave Glen Iris  
Barkly St Camberwell  
Bertram St Glen Iris  
Bona St Ashburton  
Bridges St Glen Iris  
Fairview Ave Camberwell  
Florizel St Glen Iris  
Francis Cr Glen Iris Albion to Dunlop
Fuller Ave Glen Iris  
Glen Rd Ashburton  
Goodwin St Glen Iris  
Hortense St Glen Iris  
Lancaster St Ashburton  
Liberator St Ashburton  
Queens Pde Glen Iris  
Through Rd Camberwell Toorak to Jervis St

 Once-off street sweeping days 2019

Please note: the contractor will do their utmost to meet these scheduled service dates; however, weather conditions or equipment issues may delay at times.

Street Suburb Sweeping date
Ajana Street Balwyn North 3 June 2019
Alexandra Crescent Surrey Hills 2 July 2019
Allambee Avenue (west end) Camberwell 26 June 2019
Alma Road Camberwell 26 June 2019
Amy Street  Camberwell 4 June 2019
Anderson Road Hawthorn 3 July 2019
Auburn Grove Hawthorn East 28 June 2019
Bellett Street Camberwell 3 July 2019
Berkeley Street Hawthorn 21 June 2019
Birdwood Street Balwyn 31 May 2019
Blackburn Street Surrey Hills 28 June 2019
Bona Vista Avenue Surrey Hills 2 July 2019
Bristol Court Glen Iris 5 June 2019
Byron Street Canterbury 25 June 2019
Cadow Street Kew East 18 June 2019
Caroline Street Hawthorn 7 June 2019
Charles Street Hawthorn 17 May 2019
Clive Road Hawthorn East 24 June 2019
Cole Street Hawthorn East 3 July 2019
Courang Road Glen Iris 3 July 2019
Currajong Road Hawthorn East 3 July 2019
Dudley Parade Canterbury 25 June 2019
Eyre Street Balwyn 19 June 2019
Fairmont Ave  Camberwell 27 June 2019
Grosvenor Parade Balwyn 2 July 2019
Grosvenor Road Glen Iris 5 June 2019
Guilford Road Surrey Hills 12 June 2019
Highfield Road Canterbury 17 June 2019
Hill Street Hawthorn 21 June 2019
Hollingsworth Avenue Hawthorn 4 June 2019
Iris Road Glen Iris 24 June 2019
John Street Kew 29 May 2019
Keats Street Canterbury 29 May 2019
Killarra Avenue Camberwell 22 May 2019
Kingston Road Surrey Hills 19 June 2019
Kirkwood Drive Camberwell 23 May 2019
Lansdowne Street Balwyn North 2 July 2019
Leicester Street Balwyn North 3 June 2019
Lurnea Road Glen Iris 3 July 2019
Lyall Street Hawthorn 3 July 2019
Malmsbury Street Kew 29 May 2019
Mary Street Hawthorn 21 June 2019
McGregor Street Canterbury 17 June 2019
Middlesex Road Surrey Hills 19 June 2019
Miller Grove Kew 14 June 2019
Minto Street Kew East 3 July 2019
Molesworth Street Canterbury 2 July 2019
Mount View Grove Balwyn North 13 June 2019
Munro Street  Kew East 30 May 2019
Norfolk Road Surrey Hills 31 May 2019
Northcote Avenue Balwyn 1 July 2019
Palmer Avenue Balwyn 2 July 2019
Payne Street Surrey Hills 17 June 2019
Reid Street  Balwyn 2 July 2019
Rose Avenue Surrey Hills 2 July 2019
Rowell Avenue (north end)   Camberwell 3 July 2019
Ruhbank Avenue Balwyn 27 May 2019
Salisbury Street Balwyn 13 June 2019
Sefton Place  Camberwell 6 June 2019
Selwyn Street Canterbury 17 June 2019
Sir Garnet Road Surrey Hills 12 June 2019
Suffolk Road Surrey Hills 2 July 2019
Summerhill Road Glen Iris 6 June 2019
The Avenue Surrey Hills 31 May 2019
Tuxen Street Balwyn 28 May 2019
Union Road Surrey Hills 20 June 2019
Wallace Street & 158 Gordon Street  Balwyn 30 May 2019
Wattle Valley Road Canterbury 1 July 2019
Wentworth Avenue Canterbury 1 July 2019
Willis Street Balwyn North 2 July 2019
Wills Street Kew 14 June 2019
Wynette Avenue Balwyn 30 May 2019


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