1940s photograph of a local suburban train from Camberwell to Ashburton (Photograph: ARHS Archives, Victorian Divison. Photographer: Guy Bakewell)

Riversdale was opened on 30 May 1890 and closed along with the section from Camberwell to Ashburton from 1 May 1897 to 4 July 1898.

On 14 May 1900, the northern section of the Outer Circle between Riversdale and Deepdene was reopened.

Passengers going to and from Melbourne changed trains at the new station at East Camberwell (opened 14 May 1900).

An accident at Riversdale also occurred around 1900 when a train ran into a Chinese funeral procession. Fortunately this only resulted in minimal injuries.

A feature of Riversdale is manually operated boom gates which were installed in 1963 and unusual because the arms are divided into two sections to enable clearance for the overhead tram wires.

A small station, named Golf Links opened between Hartwell and Riversdale on 8 June 1908, primarily to serve the Riversdale Golf Club which had moved to this location in November 1907.

Club memories record that when the club first opened, members living in Camberwell and Hawthorn (presumably including Percy Russell, Club Captain in 1906 and 1908 and three times Mayor of Hawthorn) would catch the train to Riversdale and walk to the club. Those coming from the opposite direction would do the same from Hartwell.

Members did not care for the walk and, due apparently to the influence of president Alexander McNeil of 'Roystead" near Mont Albert Road, a station was built on the line at the nearest point to the club house at the bottom of Stodart Street.

It was hardly more than a siding where the train stopped when a red flag by day or a red lamp by night was placed in a signal box by the intending passenger after his golf game! The name was changed to Willison in 1936, the Riversdale Golf Club having departed to a new location in 1927.

The 1940s photograph shows a local suburban train from Camberwell to Ashburton on the East Camberwell to Ashburton stretch. The single line, in the foreground, is the Riversdale to East Kew goods line.