Ashburton Station - opened on 30 May 1890

The station was renamed Ashburton in December 1890. It had a loop on the west side of the line and a dead end siding at the Camberwell end of the station. The two platforms together with the siding arrangements indicate that heavy passenger traffic was expected on this section of the Outer Circle.

Ashburton became the southern terminus of the Outer Circle line in 1895 when the Ashburton to Oakleigh line was closed. The Camberwell to Ashburton section was closed on 1 May 1897 but reopened on 4 July 1898. This section was electrified on 30 October 1924. Goods trains ceased in 1954.

The photographs present two different images of Ashburton Station. In one an electric swing door suburban passenger car is stabled under the High Street Bridge during off peak running in 1940 while in the distance a single carriage waits at Ashburton Station.

In the other dated to around 1900 a suburban well tank loco prepares for the trip north to Deepdene with staff and admirers posing for the camera.