Alamein Station - from Waverley Road to Riversdale Station which opened in May 1890

The Ashburton to Waverley Road section of this line was closed in December 1895 and the Railway Dismantling Act of 1938 authorised the removal of lines between Oakleigh to a point south of Ashburton Station. These lines were all dismantled by June 1940, presumably around the same time that the Black Bridge was sold for scrap.

An electric train from Camberwell had terminated at Ashburton from 1924 and the line was later extended and electrified half a mile to the new Alamein Station which opened on 28 June 1948 to serve the nearby Housing Commission Estate. The terminus and station was named after the North African battlefield of the Second World War in keeping with names given to streets in the housing estate.

Today the only functioning remnant of the ill-fated Outer Circle Railway is to be found on the few stations along the Alamein line. The photograph, dated to about 1940 but before the line was taken up, shows the railway line cutting through Ashburton Forest.