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Gardiners Creek Trail bridge at H.A. Smith Reserve

This project involves the construction of a new bridge across Gardiners Creek east of Glenferrie Road, which will improve the level of safety for cyclists and pedestrians and provide a more direct route for users.

The Gardiners Creek Trail is one of Melbourne’s busiest cycling commuter routes, used by up to 2,800 cyclists a day. The Gardiners Creek Trail in Hawthorn is also a popular pedestrian route which is used to access H.A. Smith Reserve, the University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus, Scotch College, Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club and Kooyong Railway Station.

At present, path users must walk or ride along a narrow section of footpath along the eastern side of Glenferrie Road. On this footpath there are a number of obstacles such as a driveway, tram poles and traffic signal posts that narrow the path. Path users are then required to perform a loop manoeuvre to access the trail on the south side of the creek before proceeding under Glenferrie Road.

During peak times there is a high volume of cyclists and pedestrians from both directions and significant potential for conflict along this section of the path.

The new bridge will address these issues by providing a route for cyclists to cross the creek. The 29m bridge has a width of 4.3m to accommodate the high volume of users. New approach paths and lighting will also be provided.

The bridge is expected to be completed in December 2014.