Before you build or renovate, check if your property is at risk of flooding.

Check your flood risk overlays and zones

Together with Melbourne Water we determine certain flood risk overlays and zones.

Your property is at risk of flooding if any of these apply to it:

  • Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (flood risk from watercourses)
  • Special Building Overlay (flood risk from stormwater)
  • Urban Flood Zone (flood risk from watercourses).

Check your property's overlays and zones and create a property report on the VicPlan website-external site.

Properties with a flood risk overlay

When your property has a flood risk overlay you need a planning permit to do works.

As part of your planning permit application, you need consent from Melbourne Water-external site.

Call Melbourne Water on (03) 9679 7517 to discuss your plans.

Other types of flood risk

We do not encourage development on land within an Urban Flood Zone.

We work with Melbourne Water to regularly assess flood risk. Your property could be identified in future, even if it is not currently at risk.

Some properties are at risk of flash flooding during rare rainfall events. We identified these properties in our flood mapping study. We notified all properties affected by the study.

Get a flood assessment report

Get a flood assessment report from us if you plan to build or renovate on flood-prone land:

The report tells you:

  • the flood risk to your property
  • what approvals you need to build or develop on your land
  • the potential impact on existing buildings, current or future works
  • design requirements you need to meet
  • a map of the potential flooding.

We will send your report within 30 business days.

This report is free.

Apply for permits and approvals

If your property is in a flood overlay, apply for a Planning Permit.

If our flood assessment report shows that your property has a flood risk:

More information

Call us on (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected].

Contact Melbourne Water on (03) 9679 7517 or on the Melbourne Water website-external site.

Check the Boroondara Planning Scheme-external site for more information.

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