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Volunteers of Boroondara

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Fri 15 May 2020
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People in Boroondara are very keen to volunteer. 

They come from a wide range of backgrounds and they all share an incredible enthusiasm to want to be involved in rich and meaningful volunteering.

I really decided to do volunteering because I believe that compassion and kindness is a human value that we all need to do. 

I've got children, my mum volunteered when I was a child and I think it's really important to role-model to them, the importance of volunteering within a community. It doesn't take much time but it can make a huge difference in someone's life.

To ensure the betterment, for one of a better phrase, to the local area, is very important to me and it helps the village that we live in.

My name's Dominic Boffa and I volunteer at the Men's Shed. 
I feel I make an impact on my community by assisting people to achieve their tasks and also to foster friendship while they're here.

I'm Peter. I'm a volunteer driver for Aged Services Transport. What I enjoy most about volunteering is meeting elderly citizens and seeing how grateful they are for the assistance I'm giving them.

My name's Jenine and I volunteer for the Friends of South Surrey Park. I've made some lovely friends through doing it. I've increased my knowledge of plants and it's about contributing to community and a sense of belonging. 

My name is Ruby Chu and I volunteer at the Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre. At this time of my life I am not ready to give it all up. The impact that I feel that my volunteering does is like a payback to the community that I have given me so much in my 50 years of living here. 

I'd encourage others in the community to volunteer because it's good for your soul. 

It's really important to volunteer because if someone doesn't do it, it doesn't get done. And I really want to use my time to do something I'm very, very passionate about.

It allows me to give back to the community and also it gives me a new lease of life.

I recommend other professionals to start with Boroondara Skills Bank. It can be a very good starting point to find what sort of volunteering opportunity there is. 

I encourage people who want to volunteer to not just look for a role in the first organisation that they knock on the door of, but to look around and see what else will suit them.

If you something that fits with your passion the commitment's there, you also meet like-minded people and the reality is it needs to fit in with your life. Looking at something that is flexible and meets your schedule is really important too.

If somebody wants to volunteer, it's the best thing that I've done and I'm sure that they'd get a lot out of it. You realise how lucky you are. 

There's only two words. Do it because it's fantastic. That's five words but never mind.