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Christian Capurro: The work that I’m doing at the moment ties into an ongoing concern with image systems, and what might be referred to as the imaginers that are part of our psyche in our everyday negotiation of the pictorial world and representation in general.

Well the disport evolved quite slowly out of the professional practice as a photographer and having these companion tripods. Over time, I realized that these tools had a very particular character as machines of stability and poise.

I felt that somehow they needed to be released and to be allowed to play outside of their normal constraints.

The logic of the work has to do with the dynamics of these things as tools - how they connect, how they lean, how they balance, how they reconfigure time in some respects because they are temporal devices.

The only logic for me is that they're blind that means that their head is always closed sealed off closed off to another tripod.

That dynamic of connecting and extension and balance is at the heart of their play.

The only thing that I expect is that people come curious to see something. They in a sense lose something of themselves in the encounter, and certainly leave with questions.