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Meet our people - Trier Murphy

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Wed 24 April 2019
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My name is Trier Murphy I'm a Digital Content Specialist in the Digital Services team here at Boroondara. We want new fresh ideas it's very diverse in terms of nationalities, experiences, skillsets.

Working here is awesome - I'm really lucky because I've got a really supportive team. We've got the capacity to think a little bit more outside of the box and innovate and try new things, and one of the key benefits of working for local government is you really get to work with the community so the policies that you're implementing the events that you're running - your work - is connected to the community.

I have a little girl at home - one and a half-year-old - and Boroondara supports me being working mum very much. When I first started they offered me a 9-day fortnight, which was fantastic and I feel like I'm able to 100% dedicate myself at home and 100% dedicate myself at work. So if you're on our careers website please jump in apply and come and meet us.