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Tue 14 May 2019
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Jacinta: One of the reasons why I enjoy coming to work is because of the people I work with. What I love is people's really genuine authentic commitment to the work that they do, making a difference to the community in which we operate for.

Chad: Boroondara is a brilliant place to work. My career to date it's by far the best place I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of this would be the first and only job I think I can ever imagine where I bounce out of bed every day because I can go to work and help with progression. I can invoke change I can provide a community with what they need.

Trier: Working here is awesome - we've got the capacity to think a little bit more outside of the box and innovate and try new things and really get to work with the community.

Jacinta: Culture is the sort of thing that is hard to touch and feel at times but you really feel it here at City of Boroondara and the uplift and the focus is really palpable.

Chad: If you're thinking of applying for a role don't hesitate, do it, go for it, absolutely don't think twice just get in there and apply.

Trier: So if you're on our careers website, please jump in apply and come meet us!