Meet our people - Chad Henry

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Tue 26 March 2019
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I joined Boroondara nearly six years ago. I started here in a compliance role and then a position opened up and I was awarded the position of coordinator facility. So now I look after every single council-owned facility.

I look after everything for the building and it comes to plumbing electrical anything to do with maintenance that's my responsibility.

What I really love most of all is the people that I work with because we actually work in every building that council owns.

I'm dealing with all walks of life, it just makes each and every day worth coming to work.

Boroondara is a brilliant place to work. My career to date, it's by far the best place I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

This would be the first and only job I think I can ever imagine where I bounce out of bed every day because I can go to work and help with progression. I can invoke change. I can provide a community with what they need.

If you're thinking of applying for a role don't hesitate - go for it absolutely - don't think twice just get in there and apply you'll never, ever, ever regret it.

You'll only have an amazing career that will just take off.