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Wed 27 July 2022

Learn about ‘Expanded Canvas’, a major exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery exploring the dynamic and innovative nature of contemporary painting.

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So Hanuman is my favourite character in Rama story.

In this mural, Hanuman got to go and save the Princess, but he had to prove to her that he came to save her. The King gave Hanuman the ring because the Princess won’t believe him, because he just a monkey: ‘How come you come and save me?’

Hi, my name is Bundit Puangthong. I’m from Thailand. So I’ve been here for 22 years.

Hanuman is so good. Why the kids love it or I still love it: Hanuman can never die. Hanuman is a magic monkey. He’s like Ant-man. He can be a big monkey, or he can do tiny monkey, or you can turn himself into a fly.

I grew up really, really countryside. And when we play, I always have to choose like, ‘No, I’m Hanuman because Hanuman can never die, because if he’s dead he’s god of the wind.’ It’s a kind of cheeky thing: ‘You can’t kill me! Oh we blow, hit me, I gotta, you know.’ I’m kinda the kid who don’t want to, never fail. It gives me inspiration of my life, you know, never give up. And when I got the opportunity to show my skill and to show who I am, I always said I’m gonna choose Hanuman.

So in this mural there are two figures. Two different Hanuman and Hanuman can pull his hair, blow it, and then turn into 100 Hanuman. It’s a tricky thing. It’s about Hanuman to prove himself. So this kind of trick in composition for me, you know, like, ‘Oh, which one is Hanuman?’ When I paint and something like that, had to remind myself what this mural is called. It’s Prove Me. Prove Me, it’s not like, okay, I’m a Hanuman, I’m an Asian artist, I’m Bundit, I’m a Thai artist. So that’s kind of key when I work on.