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Mon 30 November 2020
2 minutes
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Hi, everybody. Vanessa from the City of Boroondara. We're obviously all having Christmas at home this year, so I wanted to bring to you some ideas that I had around how we can make meaningful and homemade gifts for Christmas.

Before I get into that, I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and pay my respects to elders past, present, emerging, or any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people watching.

So, one of the things I thought I'd share with you is a memories jar, and it's a really, really simple gift and it's easy to make, but it's so meaningful and personal. So, what I've done is grabbed a jar. We've been trying to recycle a lot this year, and I think what being at home has taught us is that we can re-use and upscale and recycle. So, I've just taken an instant coffee jar. I've put some wrapping around it just to make it look a bit nice.

And I'm actually giving this gift to my husband, and it's a jar that's full of things that we've done together. So, I've written a whole lot of our memories on Post-it Notes - you could use recycled paper or anything you like - and I've put it in the jar. And he can keep that in his office, and so if he's feeling like he wants to take a walk down memory lane, he can simply pull one out and he'll have a memory around a holiday we've been on or a dinner that we've had out.

Super simple. Really easy to do. Anybody can do it. With regards to my gift cards this year, I'm also recycling last year's Christmas cards, so, I've just been able to cut out a message off an old Christmas card. I'll write on the back of that. And we have our gift. So, thanks very much.