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Central Gardens - Rocket Restoration 2022

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It's back. Our rocket has returned.

It's been on a long journey.

It's had lots of wonderful things done to it.

And it has returned and it looks terrific.

In the sixties,

many councils installed these during the era of the space age.

These rockets were put in all around Australia.

Unfortunately, many have now gone.

Councils have got rid of them.

but our community made it very, very clear

that this was not to happen.

So we took it on a little trip.

And during that trip

we updated our rocket to current day standards.

Also, we improved access

and we coated everything in sight

to give our beloved rocket another 50 years of life.

So now that it's landed, you not only get the rocket,

but you get a wonderful new lunar themed playground

with lots of adventure options and a lot better access.

So we invite you now to come and enjoy this wonderful new space,

especially as we move into what looks like

a potential new era of space travel.

And some of our users could become the astronauts of the future.