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Wed 10 October 2018
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Alan, a watercolour teacher at the Camberwell Community Centre, shares his love of painting and staying active.

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[Joyful orchestral music plays. We see shots of watercolour paints and paint brushes and an older man painting. We hear a man speaking.]

"When I was seven, my uncle Wally gave me a big set of paints. And I've decided to be an artist. And that's all I've ever been in my life. I just love being an artist."

[The man speaking is now shown sitting down and looking off screen to an unseen interviewer. He is identified by text on the screen as "Alan, Watercolour Teacher and Artist, Camberwell Community Centre". He continues speaking while we see shots of him painting, being interviewed and teaching students in a watercolour class in a community centre.]

"Being an artist to me, is probably the most important, apart from my family and my car, but it is the most important thing in the world because it's something I can do, something I enjoy doing.

And because I've been doing it all my life, I have accumulated a huge amount of experience which I can pass on. That's who I am and all I am.

Well, I teach watercolour painting here. So I've had this lovely life teaching painting. It's magic.

The most important thing is to want to do something. So many people don't realise that they have choices. And there are so many choices they have. You can come here, and you can do pottery. You can do watercolour, you can do drawing. You can play bridge. You can learn a language. It's incredible. But they're all doors, and I think it's important that places like Camberwell Community Centre tell people this is available in your community. Come and do it. It's just there for you. But people don't realise it.

Well, isolation is a terrible thing, and I think that being able to maintain social contact is really important. Now we can't all be physically active, but if we're mentally active, that can feed out into the physical aspect anyway. As long as you've got something to do, I try and make a point of having something to do every day.

And in the whole of Boroondara, we've got so many good community houses.

We have so much here, and it's just brilliant.

And you can learn so many things here and meet new people. We each have so much potential and, being individuals, something that makes you happy. And being happy makes you fit. And it just goes on and on and on."


"For great ways to stay happy and fit like Alan, click the Find Activities' button at the bottom of this page."

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