Need some good reads this summer? We have rounded up the best Australian adult fiction from the past year to get you started! There are so many quality titles by local authors that we are truly spoiled for choice. From exciting debuts to new releases from your favourite authors, there is something on this list for everyone. So cancel your plans, find a comfy spot in the sun and borrow or download your way through summer. 

Australian adult fiction 

  1. Hopeless kingdom by Kgshak Akec
  2. Limberlost* by Robbie Arnott
  3. The eulogy by Jackie Bailey
  4. The angry women's choir* by Meg Bignell
  5. Time and tide in Sarajevo by Bronwyn Birdsall
  6. The silence of water by Sharron Booth
  7. Marlo by Jay Carmichael
  8. Goodnight, Vivienne, goodnight* by Steven Carroll
  9. Cautionary tales for excitable girls by Anne Casey-Hardy ( e only)
  10. Every version of you by Grace Chan
  11. Song of the sun god by Shankari Chandran
  12. Enclave by Claire G. Coleman
  13. The signal line by Brendan Colley
  14. The improbable life of Ricky Bird* by Diane Connell
  15. This devastating fever* by Sophie Cunningham
  16. The cane* by Maryrose Cuskelly
  17. Jesustown* by Paul Daley
  18. Nimblefoot* by Robert Drew
  19. The glass house by Brooke Dunnell
  20. My heart is a little wild thing* by Nigel Featherstone
  21. One punch by Julie Fison
  22. Wildflowers* by Peggy Frew
  23. Pomegranate and fig by Zaheda Ghani
  24. Women I know* by Katerina Gibson
  25. The sorrow stone by Kari Gislason
  26. Abomination* by Ashley Goldberg
  27. A recipe for family* by Tori Haschka
  28. Marshmallow by Victoria Hannan
  29. Salt and skin* by Eliza Henry-Jones
  30. Captain Starlight’s apprentice by Kathryn Heyman
  31. The castaways of Harewood Hall
  32. A solitary walk on the moon by Hilde Hilton
  33. The brothers* by S. D. Hinton
  34. Hydra by Adriane Howell
  35. Mr. Carver’s whale* by Lyn Hughes
  36. The registrar* by Neela Janakiramanan
  37. Madukka the river serpent by Julie Janson
  38. Forty nights by Pirooz Jafari
  39. The making of her* by Bernadette Jiwa
  40. Tiny uncertain miracles* by Michelle Johnston
  41. Salonika burning by Gail Jones
  42. Dinner with the Schnabels* by Toni Jordan
  43. The lovers by Yumna Kassab
  44. Banjawarn by Josh Kemp
  45. Fanatic heart* by Tom Keneally
  46. The secret wife* by Mark Lamprell
  47. Till death, or a little light maiming, do us part* by Kathy Lette
  48. All that’s left unsaid by Tracey Lien
  49. The coast* by Eleanor Limprecht
  50. The whitewash by Siang Lu
  51. Loveland* by Robert Lukins
  52. Here for the right reasons* by Jodi McAlister
  53. Basin by Scott McCulloch
  54. The sun walks down* by Fiona McFarlane
  55. Iris* by Fiona Kelly McGregor
  56. The orphans* by Fiona McIntosh
  57. Denizen* by James McKenzie Watson
  58. Red* by Felicity McLean
  59. The accident by Katie McMahon
  60. Moon sugar by Angela Meyer
  61. A brief affair* by Alex Miller
  62. Faithless* by Alice Nelson
  63. No hard feelings* by Genevieve Novak
  64. Other houses* by Paddy O’Reilly
  65. The natural history of love* by Caroline Petit
  66. The family string by Denise Picton
  67. A place near Eden* by Nell Pierce
  68. Bone memories* by Sally Piper
  69. Electric mad and brave* by Tom Pitts
  70. Her fidelity* by Katharine Pollock
  71. Bon and Lesley by Shaun Prescott
  72. Bad art mother* by Edwina Preston
  73. The good captain by Sean Rabin
  74. Seeing other people* by Diana Reid
  75. The bay by Allie Reynolds
  76. The seven skins of Esther Wilding* by Holly Ringland
  77. Something blue by Alex Sarkis
  78. Blue hour by Sarah Schmidt
  79. The settlement* by Jock Serong
  80. Willowman* by Inga Simpson
  81. When jokers were kings by John Tesarsch
  82. Angelika Frankenstein makes her match by Sally Thorn
  83. Here goes nothing* by Steve Toltz
  84. After you were gone by Vikki Wakefield
  85. A caravan like a canary* by Sasha Wasley
  86. Sixty-seven days* by Yvonne Weldon
  87. The sawdust house* by David Whish-Wilson
  88. Cut* by Susan White
  89. Gemini falls* by Sean Wilson
  90. Bootstrap by Georgina Young

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