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90 days of summer reading junior highlights

Try great stories Lenny's book of everything by Karen Foxlee and The dog runner by Bren MacDibble. Solve some mysteries with new books Undercover by Jacqueline Harvey and Jinxed! The curious curse of Cora Bell by Rebecca McRitchie.

Laugh out loud with Real pigeons nest hard by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood, Hopping weird! by Anh Do or the mighty 117 storey treehouse by Andy Griffiths.

Summer reading recommendations for children

  1. A great escape by Felice Arena
  2. Hasina Michelle Aung Thin
  3. Sophia and the Corner Park Clubhouse by Davina Bell
  4. Lemonade Jones and the great school fete by Davina Bell and Karen Blair
  5. The big bad wolf by Aaron Blabey
  6. Mr Walker gets the inside scoop by Jess Black
  7. Mika and Max by Laura Bloom
  8. The utterly indescribable thing that happened in Huggabie Falls by Adam Cece
  9. Move the mountains by Emily Conolan
  10. Atticus Van Tasticus by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King
  11. 47 degrees by Justin D'Ath
  12. Hopping weird! by Anh Do
  13. Into the wild by Anh Do 
  14. Ninja switch by Anh Do
  15. Squidge Dibley destroys the school by Mick Elliott
  16. The quest diaries of Max Crack by Jules Faber
  17. The days of in between by Peter Valentine Fenton
  18. Lenny's book of everything by Karen Foxlee
  19. Zelda Stitch: term 2 by Nicki Greenberg
  20. 117 storey treehouse by Andy Griffiths
  21. How to make a movie in 12 days by Fiona Hardy
  22. Fully booked by Tim Harris
  23. Undercover by Jacqueline Harvey
  24. A different land by Paul Jennings
  25. Scorch dragons by Amie Kaufman
  26. Winston and the wondrous Wooba Gymnastics Club by Tamsin Janu
  27. Songbird by Ingrid Laguna
  28. Pie in the sky by Remy Lai
  29. Race for the Red Dragon by Rebecca Lim 
  30. Real pigeons nest hard by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood
  31. The dog runner by Bren MacDibble
  32. Catch a falling star by Meg McKinlay
  33. Jinxed! The curious curse of Cora Bell by Rebecca McRitchie
  34. Leave taking by Lorraine Marwood 
  35. Black cockatoo by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler 
  36. The slightly alarming tale of the whispering wars by Jaclyn Moriarty
  37. The school camp kerfuffle by Richard Newsome
  38. Don't follow Vee by Oliver Phommavanh
  39. The search for the silver witch by Sally Rippin
  40. The Girlhoods by Hilary Rogers
  41. Melody Trumpet by Gabrielle Tozer
  42. Sherlock Bones and the natural history mystery by Renee Treml
  43. Sick bay by Nova Weetman
  44. The speedy spidersaurus by Nova Weetman
  45. Squishy Taylor and the secret envelope by Ailsa Wild

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Image: cover detail of A different land by Paul Jennings