Some of our services are impacted due to COVID-19.

The past two years have been challenging for some many and it's never been more important to ask 'R U OK?' Reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and even total strangers can make a huge difference to someone's life. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen some creative ways that people have been connecting with others to remain positive including dressing up to put the bins out, spoonville villages and balcony sing-a-longs. But did you know your local library can also help and is full of great books on a range of health and wellness topics. Our library staff have chosen some helpful titles which focus on mindfulness techniques and creating a sense of calm. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your work and to your home.

Thursday 9 September is R U OK? Day, so please check in with others and most importantly don’t forget to check in with yourself. 

Staff are also still contactable by phone to provide further assistance in locating and reserving the right book for you.

Mindfulness reading recommendations 

The compassion project: the true story of the town that beat loneliness by Julian Abel

In search of happiness: following mindful paths to fulfilment by Mike Annesley

The simplicity of cosy: hygge, lagom and the energy of everyday pleasures by Melissa Alvarez

Phosphorescence: on awe, wonder & things that sustain you when the world goes dark by Julia Baird

Note to self: the secrets of calm by Rebekah Ballagh

Mindful moments for busy mothers: daily meditations and mantras for greater calm, balance and joy by Sarah Rudell Beach

The yoga body: the ultimate guide to detoxing, building strength and eating mindfully by Lola Berry

The art of mindful reading: embracing the wisdom of words by Ella Berthoud

A life less throwaway: the lost art of buying for life by Tara Button

The $1000 project by Canna Campbell

Awaken every day: 365 Buddhist reflections to invite mindfulness and joy by Thubten Chodron

Raising good humans: a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident kids by Hunter Clarke-Fields

Mindfulness for children: 150+ mindfulness activities for happier, healthier, stress-free kids by Tracy L. Daniel

Pottery: 20 mindful makes to reconnect head, heart & hands by Lucy Davidson

Restore refresh relax: a companion for every day self-care ed. DK

The power of awakening: mindfulness practices and spiritual tools to transform your life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Adventures in opting out: a field guide to leading an intentional life by Cait Flanders

The book of ichigo ichie: the art of making the most of every moment, the Japanese way by Héctor García

Blue sky mind: the art of meditation: mindfulness into stillness by Ian Gawler

Draw breath: the art of breathing, mindfulness & meditation by Tom Granger

Mindful exercise: metarobics, healing, and the power of tai chi by Peter Anthony Gryffin

My year of living mindfully: a self-experiment becomes a life-changing experience by Shannon Harvey

Build yourself happy by Abbie Headon

Mindfulness at work and home: a simple guide by Gillian Higgins

Strong, calm and free: a modern guide to yoga, meditation and mindful living by Nicola Jane Hobbs 

Falling awake: how to practice mindfulness in everyday life by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Talk to yourself like a Buddhist : five mindful practices to silence negative self-talk by Cynthia Kane

The secret therapy of trees: harness the healing energy of forest bathing and natural landscapes by Marco Mencagli

The mindful kind: a meaningful mindfulness guide for wellbeing in the modern world by Rachael Kable

The healing power of mindfulness: a new way of being by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Everyday Ubuntu: living better together, the African way by Mungi Ngomane 

Daily calm: 100 daily reminders to help you build the mindfulness habit by Padraig O'Morain

Kindfulness: be a true friend to yourself with mindful self-compassion by Padraig O'Morain

Stand tall like a mountain: mindfulness and self-care for children and parents by Suzy Reading

Zen teen: 40 ways to stay calm when life gets stressful by Tanya Carroll Richardson

The neuroscience of mindfulness: the astonishing science behind how everyday hobbies help you relax, work more efficiently and lead a healthier life by Stan Rodski

Mindful crafting: the maker's creative journey by Sarah Samuel

 Attention: a love story by Casey Schwartz

The unexpected power of mindfulness and meditation by Ed and Deb Shapiro 

A monk's guide to a clean house and mind by Shoukei 

Mindfulness for busy people by Michael Sinclair

Introduction to Zen Training: a beginner's guide to zen training and mindfulness by Omori Sogen 

The mindful kitchen: vegetarian cooking to relate to nature by Heather Thomas

Tools for slow living: a practical guide to mindfulness and coziness by Agata Toromanoff

Living lightly: a busy person's guide to mindful consumption by Nicola Turner

How to be human: the manual : a monk, a neuroscientist and me by Ruby Wax

The gift of presence: a mindfulness guide for women by Caroline Welch

In tune: music as the bridge to mindfulness by Richard Wolf