The past few years have been challenging for so many, and it's never been more important to ask 'R U OK?'. Reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and even total strangers can make a huge difference to someone's life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen some creative ways that people have been connecting with others to remain positive including dressing up to put the bins out, spoonville villages and balcony sing-a-longs. But did you know your local library can also help and is full of great books on a range of health and wellness topics.

Our library staff have chosen some helpful titles which focus on mindfulness techniques and creating a sense of calm. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your work and to your home.

Mindfulness reading recommendations 

The compassion project: the true story of the town that beat loneliness by Julian Abel

In search of happiness: following mindful paths to fulfilment by Mike Annesley

The simplicity of cosy: hygge, lagom and the energy of everyday pleasures by Melissa Alvarez

Phosphorescence: on awe, wonder & things that sustain you when the world goes dark by Julia Baird

Note to self: the secrets of calm by Rebekah Ballagh

Mindful moments for busy mothers: daily meditations and mantras for greater calm, balance and joy by Sarah Rudell Beach

The yoga body: the ultimate guide to detoxing, building strength and eating mindfully by Lola Berry

The art of mindful reading: embracing the wisdom of words by Ella Berthoud

A life less throwaway: the lost art of buying for life by Tara Button

The $1000 project by Canna Campbell

Awaken every day: 365 Buddhist reflections to invite mindfulness and joy by Thubten Chodron

Raising good humans: a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident kids by Hunter Clarke-Fields

Mindfulness for children: 150+ mindfulness activities for happier, healthier, stress-free kids by Tracy L. Daniel

Pottery: 20 mindful makes to reconnect head, heart & hands by Lucy Davidson

Restore refresh relax: a companion for every day self-care ed. DK

The power of awakening: mindfulness practices and spiritual tools to transform your life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Adventures in opting out: a field guide to leading an intentional life by Cait Flanders

The book of ichigo ichie: the art of making the most of every moment, the Japanese way by Héctor García

Blue sky mind: the art of meditation: mindfulness into stillness by Ian Gawler

Draw breath: the art of breathing, mindfulness & meditation by Tom Granger

Mindful exercise: metarobics, healing, and the power of tai chi by Peter Anthony Gryffin

My year of living mindfully: a self-experiment becomes a life-changing experience by Shannon Harvey

Build yourself happy by Abbie Headon

Mindfulness at work and home: a simple guide by Gillian Higgins

Strong, calm and free: a modern guide to yoga, meditation and mindful living by Nicola Jane Hobbs 

Falling awake: how to practice mindfulness in everyday life by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Talk to yourself like a Buddhist : five mindful practices to silence negative self-talk by Cynthia Kane

The secret therapy of trees: harness the healing energy of forest bathing and natural landscapes by Marco Mencagli

The mindful kind: a meaningful mindfulness guide for wellbeing in the modern world by Rachael Kable

The healing power of mindfulness: a new way of being by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Everyday Ubuntu: living better together, the African way by Mungi Ngomane 

Daily calm: 100 daily reminders to help you build the mindfulness habit by Padraig O'Morain

Kindfulness: be a true friend to yourself with mindful self-compassion by Padraig O'Morain

Stand tall like a mountain: mindfulness and self-care for children and parents by Suzy Reading

Zen teen: 40 ways to stay calm when life gets stressful by Tanya Carroll Richardson

The neuroscience of mindfulness: the astonishing science behind how everyday hobbies help you relax, work more efficiently and lead a healthier life by Stan Rodski

Mindful crafting: the maker's creative journey by Sarah Samuel

 Attention: a love story by Casey Schwartz

The unexpected power of mindfulness and meditation by Ed and Deb Shapiro 

A monk's guide to a clean house and mind by Shoukei 

Mindfulness for busy people by Michael Sinclair

Introduction to Zen Training: a beginner's guide to zen training and mindfulness by Omori Sogen 

The mindful kitchen: vegetarian cooking to relate to nature by Heather Thomas

Tools for slow living: a practical guide to mindfulness and coziness by Agata Toromanoff

Living lightly: a busy person's guide to mindful consumption by Nicola Turner

How to be human: the manual : a monk, a neuroscientist and me by Ruby Wax

The gift of presence: a mindfulness guide for women by Caroline Welch

In tune: music as the bridge to mindfulness by Richard Wolf