We have made it easier to find the right Junior Early Readers for your child. Early Readers are now colour coded into the following three categories to help you choose the appropriate level:

  • Yellow Early Readers: Getting started, the very first steps in learning to read.
  • Orange Early Readers: Building confidence with reading.
  • Green Early Readers: Beginning to read alone (very simple chapter books).

To search for Early Readers in the library catalogue, you can either:

  • Do a quick search for 'early reader'
  • go to advanced search, scroll through 'collections' and choose 'junior early reader'.

Our library staff are available to help if you would like more information, or they can assist you with choosing books for your family. 

Yellow Early Readers

Early Readers in this category encourage the first steps in the explicit teaching process of reading. Your young reader might be recognising some letters and their associated sounds or taking an interest in connecting pictures (story) with written text.

At this level, young readers will:

  • Work on phonics (letters and sounds) and simple sentences. 
  • Focus on predictable patterns both in terms of sounds and sentence structure repeating.
  • Often graded and sequential within a series, moving from simple sounds to more complex sounds.
  • Require assistance from adults.

Series to try:

  • Little Learners Love Literacy 1 to 4
  • Fitzroy Readers 1 to 10
  • Oxford Reading Tree 1 to 4

Green Early Readers

Early Readers in this category support newly independent readers and help bridge the gap from learning to read, to reading their first chapter books. These books can still be enjoyed and read together.

At this level, young readers will:

  • Help increase understanding of sentence structure, story context and vocabulary.
  • Have longer sentences and small chapters, but may have larger font or spacing to assist.
  • Encourage reading for meaning and understanding (i.e. comprehension), rather than 'learning' to read.
  • Read books that act as bridging texts to Junior Fiction.

Series to try:

  • Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack
  • Zac Power
  • Ella and Olivia
  • Sporty Kids

Orange Early Readers

Early Readers in this category begin to build your young reader's confidence. Continue to have your child read at their right level so that the learning is reinforced, as well as reading harder texts together to build vocabulary and comprehension.

At this level, young readers will:

  • Build on previous learning and often continue to move sequentially in a series.
  • Include more complex stories, sentences, and punctuation.
  • Require learnt strategies to decode unknown words (e.g. sounding out and blending sounds).
  • Require some assistance from adults.

Series to try:

  • Little Learners Love Literacy 5+
  • Fitzroy Readers 11 to 30, and 31 to 60
  • Starting to Read
  • Step Into Reading
  • I Can Read

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