Our new booklist for young children covers what it means to have feelings of anxiety. Share these books with your child to explore positive ways of coping with these emotions. We have also included some helpful titles for parents to help with supporting children. 

Sharing stories is a great way to explore challenging issues with children. Using gentle, age-appropriate picture books can help start conversations, encourage questions, reassure children that others have faced the same problems or give them a preview to an upcoming situation they may be worried about. 

Share these books with your child also helps discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

Please come in and chat with library staff any time to find more information and resources on this, or any other tricky topic, you want to know more about. 

Highlights from our booklist

Jack loves playing the trumpet but the worry about his first concert keeps growing in Jack’s worry, and Alfie’s mum helps him find a special place where it’s okay to feel shy at The underwater fancy-dress parade.

Whimsy deals with her worries one at a time in Whimsy’s heavy things, while William Worrydactyl and Worries are like clouds show children that everyone has worries, whether big or small. 

But what if?: a book about feeling worried follows Daisy’s move to a new house and new school, and includes a wordless storyboard encouraging children to tell another story. 

Stories about worry and anxiety

Stories about worry and anxiety for parents and carers

More recommended reading

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