Prepare a comfy reading spot this summer! There has been so much fantastic fiction released this year to enjoy over the holidays, including many titles by Australian authors.

We have gathered 90 of the best titles to celebrate 90 Days of Summer Reading

Best Australian fiction 2019 highlights

Choose from fast-paced action with Blood river by Tony Cavanaugh or The collaborator by Diane Armstrong or chill with something a bit lighter with Star crossed by Minnie Darke or The sparkle pages by Meg Bignell.

Contemplate quality literary reads like The yield by Tara June Winch and Heart of the grass tree by Molly Murn. Or try new titles from favourite authors such as The electric hotel by Dominic Smith, The blue rose by Kate Forsyth and Bruny by Heather Rose.

Adult fiction summer reading recommendations

1.    55* by James Delargy
2.    The accusation* by Wendy James
3.    After she leftby Penelope Hanley
4.    After the party* by Cassie Hamer
5.    The age of discretionby Virginia Duigan
6.    Allegra in three partsby Suzanne Daniel
7.    The artist's portrait by Julie Keys
8.    Blood in the dust* by Bill Swiggs
9.    Blood river by Tony Cavanaugh
10.    The blue rose by Kate Forsyth
11.    Bodies of men by Nigel Featherstone
12.    Boxed* by Richard Anderson
13.    The boy in the photo by Nicole Trope
14.    Bruny by Heather Rose
15.    The collaborator* by Diane Armstrong
16.    A constant hum* by Alice Bishop
17.    Daughter of bad times* by Rohan Wilson
18.    Devil's lairby Sarah Barrie
19.    Driving into the sunby Marcella Polain
20.    Eight lives* by Susan Hurley
21.    The electric hotel* by Dominic Smith
22.    The ex* by Nicole Moriarty
23.    Exploded viewby Carrie Tiffany
24.    Fled by Meg Keneally
25.    Flight risk* by Michael McGuire
26.    The forgotten letters of Esther Durrant by Kayte Nunn
27.    Fortune* by Lenny Bartulin
28.    Fusion* by Kate Richards
29.    Ghosts of the past* by Tony Park
30.    The gift of lifeby Josephine Moon
31.    The glad shout* by Alice Robinson
32.    Gravity is the thing* by Jaclyn Moriarty
33.    Hare's fur* by Trevor Shearston
34.    Heart of the grass tree* by Molly Murn
35.    Hell has harbour viewsby Richard Beasley
36.    Hitch* by Kathryn Hind
37.    The hollow bones* by Leah Kaminsky
38.    The house of second chances by Esther Campion
39.    Into the fire* by Sonia Orchard
40.    Invented lives* by Andrea Goldsmith
41.    Isinglass by Martin Edmond
42.    Islands* by Peggy Frew
43.    Lapse* by Sarah Thornton
44.    Life before* by Carmel Reilly
45.    A lifetime of impossible daysby Tabitha Bird
46.    Little stones* by Elizabeth Kuiper
47.    Long flight home by Lainie Anderson
48.    The lost girlsby Jennifer Spence
49.    Love and other battlesby Tess Woods
50.    A lovely and terrible thing* by Chris Womersley
51.    Maddox by Chris Abrahams 
52.    Master of my fate* by Sienna Brown
53.    Minotaur by Peter Goldsworthy
54.    Mother of pearl* by Angela Savage
55.    Nailed it!* by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris
56.    The orchardist's daughter* by Karen Viggers
57.    Out of time* by Steve Hawke
58.    Peace* by Garry Disher
59.    The pillars by Peter Polites
60.    The place on Dalhousie* by Melina Marchetta
61.    Real differences* by S.L. Lim
62.    The rich man's house* by Andrew McGahan
63.    The rip by Mark Brandi
64.    River of salt* by Dave Warner
65.    Room for a stranger* by Melanie Cheng
66.    Saving you by Charlotte Nash
67.    The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle by Sophie Green
68.    The shining wall* by Melissa Ferguson
69.    Silver* by Chris Hammer
70.    Simpson returns* by Wayne Macauley
71.    Sisters by Gabrielle Lord
72.    Six minutes* by Petronella McGovern
73.    Snake Island* by Ben Hobson
74.    The sparkle pages* by Meg Bignell 
75.    Star crossed* by Minnie Darke
76.    The stars in the night by Clare Rhoden
77.    The subjects* by Sarah Hopkins
78.    The tailor and the shipwright* by Robert Westphal
79.    Taking Tom Murray home* by Tim Slee 
80.    The things we cannot say by Kelly Rimmer
81.    This excellent machine by Stephen Orr
82.    This taste for silence* by Amanda O'Callaghan 
83.    The time is now, Monica Sparrow* by Matt Howard
84.    The trespassers* by Meg Mundell
85.    A universe of sufficient size* by Miriam Sved
86.    The Van Apfel girls are gone* by Felicity McLean
87.    The war artist* by Simon Cleary
88.    Wedding puzzle* by Sallie Muirden
89.    The white girl* by Tony Birch
90.    The yield by Tara June Winch

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Image: Cover detail from This excellent machine by Stephen Orr.