You can find books, DVDs, music and magazines in the following languages using our advanced catalogue search:

  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • French
  • Italian
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • German (magazines only).

Use advanced catalogue search

Language Materials Location
Chinese Magazines and newspapers Ashburton Library
  Junior, adult, newspapers, magazines, DVDs and talking books on CD Balwyn, Hawthorn and Kew libraries
Greek Junior, adult, DVDs and magazines Balwyn and
Hawthorn libraries
French Magazines Ashburton,
Balwyn and Hawthorn libraries
  Junior, adult, magazines Camberwell Library
Italian Magazines Balwyn and
Kew libraries
  Junior, adult, DVDs and magazines

Hawthorn Library

Indonesian Junior, adult and DVDs

Hawthorn Library

Korean Adult

Hawthorn Library

German Magazines

Balwyn and 
Hawthorn libraries

If your language is not shown here, visit Public Libraries Victoria Network to see which other Victorian public libraries hold books and other items in your language. Also see PressReader for online newspapers from around the world.

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