With more of us using technology during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, it is important to keep informed and stay safe online.

Scamwatch is asking people to be extra careful, with a significant spike in online scamming recorded since March this year.

The government watchdog has received over 2,000 coronavirus-related scam reports with over $700,000 in reported losses since the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the Scamwatch website. 

Common scams include phishing for personal information (often in the form of impersonation of private and public agencies using text and email), online shopping and superannuation.

Scams have also extended to people being approached in their home by door knockers posing as fake tradies. 

To stay up-to-date about the latest scams, access tips on keeping safe, or to report a scam, visit Scamwatch.

You can also keep you and your loved ones safe online by getting some helpful hints through the government website esafety.

The website invites people to join free live webinars to explore the latest research and expert advice for using technology safely, including webinars tailored for parents, educators, young people and seniors. 

For more information you can also contact our Safer Communities Planner on 9278 4715